Amodei wins re-election to Congress

Republican Congressman Mark Amodei sits down for a chat at the Nevada Appeal office Thursday.

Republican Congressman Mark Amodei sits down for a chat at the Nevada Appeal office Thursday.

Congressman Mark Amodei easily won re-election over Democrat Chip Evans Tuesday night.

The Republican lawmaker captured 131,598 votes to Evans’ 85,894. The district includes most of Northern Nevada.

Amodei never trailed in the election. He captured Churchill County 7,502 to 1,831, and Lyon County favored Amodei, 7,024 to 2,719.

Amodei of Carson City said this is also the fourth time he’s been on the ballot in Congressional District 2.

Amodei is seeking a third full term representing the district that covers northern and western Nevada.

He pointed to the package of five lands bills to help communities from Yerington to McDermitt and Elko by transferring federal property to state or local control. In Yerington, that deal is enabling a major mining project, Pumpkin Hollow, that will provide a huge number of high paying jobs in that community.

Amodei has also held numerous town halls to discuss veterans’ issues.

Evans said being a congressman is about having the willingness to step across the aisle and work in bipartisan fashion.

In the business world, Evans said he also negotiated contracts around the globe with people of different cultures. In many cases, he said individuals tend to find the areas they can agree or disagree and then negotiate from there.

When discussing the movement to have the federal government turn public land over to the states, Evans said the idea is not practical, an opinion expressed by several members of the Churchill County Commission.

He also favors raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. With the minimum wage under $10 per hour in Nevada, Evans said he wonders how a worker can survive without government assistance.


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