The Popcorn Stand: Hopefully, Washington didn’t go down in rankings

Once again if you don’t like sports this Popcorn Stand isn’t for you. Last week, the first College Football Playoff Rankings, which determine the top four teams who play for the national title in the College Football Playoff, were released.

Alabama, Clemson and Michigan took the top three spots while one loss Texas A&M from the Southeastern Conference was fourth and the Pac 12’s Washington, which was undefeated, was fifth.

So of course the Aggies went out and lost to a high quality three-win Mississippi State team by just one touchdown, so that should move them up to No. 3 in the rankings.

And ESPN is already pushing for a two-loss Auburn team to make the College Football Playoff if it beats Alabama. That sounds good to me. Let’s put Auburn, Alabama and Texas A&M in the playoff and let Michigan, Ohio State, Clemson and Washington draw straws for the final spot depending on how they do.

Oh wait a minute, I forgot about a one-loss Florida team who went onto lose to Arkansas 31-10, so maybe the Gators should be considered for the College Football Playoff, too.

And even though Washington destroyed California, my guess is the Huskies will drop to No. 6 in the rankings.

I know it was just the first rankings that were released and they were meaningless, but geez. And the situation should have been rectified when the rankings came out Tuesday as Washington almost assuredly was in the top four (I wrote this before the rankings came out, there was something called an election going on after all). Or maybe not. You never know.

And I still don’t trust this College Football Playoff thing especially with ESPN involved. Excuse me if I still think a Washington team from the Pac 12 could finish the season undefeated — and still be left out of the College Football Playoff.

It would be unconscionable.

— Charles Whisnand


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