It’s a sad day for the ‘other’ side

I write this the day after the election. It is a sad day for Crooked Clinton and Comrade Kaine. Today marks the date in history that corruption, underhanded dealings, manipulation, a complicit media and outright lawbreaking all on a scale never seen or at least unearthed before could not buy a Presidential election. It is also a message to big government to take a hike.

Trump is the first total government outsider, having never held elected office, to be elected President since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952. The fact that he has been elected is a sign of the frustration the American people feel over a government they feel does not listen to them or represent their interests. It also reflects frustration and fear of an ever-expanding federal government with more laws, regulations, taxes, and information gathering.

Whether you love, tolerate, or hate Trump, the one thing you have to admit is that he changed the political process for a long time. He showed the GOP how to win, that being not to let the media and Democrats dictate their campaigns.

It is believed that the Clinton campaign spent over $1 billion in this attempt, all for naught. Trump, on the other hand, spent less than $5 dollars per vote, an unheard of low number. The American people, when adequately informed, did not let the country down.

If you haven’t already, please listen to Trump’s acceptance speech. Any charge that he is not Presidential should be dispelled. He was humble and on message.

I promise not to gloat, at least after today. We can’t afford that. There are too many forces aligned against Trump. We must stay after the establishment Democrats and Republicans to work with Trump and not against him. This is going to mean letters, emails, and phone calls to the likes of Paul Ryan and whoever the new Senate Majority Leader is. Hopefully that is not McConnell.

Of course, the best part was watching the Clinton media accept her loss despite their full-out overt efforts to smear Trump and boost her. The most fun was watching former Clinton Liar in Chief George Stephanopoulos. Also high on the list was Rachel Maddow’s meltdown. I suspect that the national media will never be quite the same. They lost a lot of credibility, and there are many more options now.

In any event, perhaps I will have the privilege of living through two revolutions in this country. The first was the Reagan Revolution. Will the second be the Trump Revolution? We shall see.

It truly is a sad day in Nevada. I cannot believe that Question 1 passed. This is such a poorly written law that the repercussions may be felt for years. I predict that the next step is to restrict licensed gun dealers out of business, limiting firearm transfer choices.

Likewise with Question 2. I am more ambivalent about this one except that it reflects the changing fabric of the state. We are longer have the conservative mindset that made this state great.

I am disappointed but not surprised that Joe Heck lost to Cortez-Masto. Heck made a major blunder when he distanced himself from Trump midway through the campaign. Cortez-Masto had the Reid political machine behind her. Sadly, we are probably in for another six years of Reid-like votes. Cortez-Masto is definitely a big government gal. The Representative seat vacated by Heck was also lost to a Democrat.

In the state legislature, Democrats gained control, at least if I counted right, by gaining only one seat for an 11 to 10 margin. Democrats also gained control of the Assembly by a margin of 27 to 15. My comment here is to Republican Senate and Assembly members. This one is on you. You caused it. When we gave you control, you abused it and passed the single largest tax increase in Nevada history.

Who would trust you as a party after that?

As I said, it is sad to watch Nevada go the way of its neighbor to the west. I suspect this trend will accelerate with the probable growth in northern Nevada. It is enough to make us consider moving. Texas and Wyoming are looking better all the time.

Finally, you will read this on Veterans Day. Please remember that this is not a day off. It is a day to remember and show your appreciation for their sacrifice. They give, and gave so much for little return. Honor them.

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