David Johnson guest col: Can we ever stop the lies about Trump?

I have a wise suggestion for Bo Statham and the other progressive/socialists who frequent the Nevada Appeal: stop the talking points and just stop lying. The region the Nevada Appeal distributes to like Carson City, Storey County, Lyon County and Douglas County — part of Hillary’s infamous “basket of deplorables” — simply don’t buy into your leftist fabrications.

Donald Trump didn’t campaign against Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, the Civil Rights Act 1964, the Voting Rights Act 1965, Miranda v. Arizona or Obergefell v. Hodges. Do you not understand how foolish you sound by suggesting such a patently false idea? If you think the Marxist non-American ideas are the way to go, do what Bernie did and promote them. They will be soundly rejected here, but it is your right to espouse whatever nutty ideas you want; but you will be more successful if you don’t lie about the American ideas and the people who disagree with you.

You and your dishonest ilk, also imply Trump thinks all illegal aliens are rapists, etc., which is just a fraud, and one that was repudiated by the voters in 30 states. It is true that illegal immingrants by definition are criminals because they broke the laws of the United States in coming here unlawfully. It’s also undeniably true some illegal immigrants commit additional crimes like rape, murder, identity theft, drunk driving, dealing drugs, voting and are violent gang members.

Stratham also lied by implying Trump proposed banning all Muslims from entering our country. What he actually proposed was being cautious about allowing people to immigrate here from nations infested with terrorists and will in fact implement “extreme vetting” of potential immigrants from those regions—a truly sensible policy the Europeans haven’t yet learned and are paying dearly for, because of their stupid political correctness. Normal people completely understand Trump isn’t a racist, sexist, Islamaphobe, and so on ad nauseam, and voted accordingly. They knew Trump’s campaign manager was a woman and he pays women working for him the same as the men as long as everyone has the same results. They also knew the women in Hillary’s campaign were reportedly paid less than the men, just like in Obama’s white house staff. Folks are hip to the deceptions and hypocrisy of the left.

So what do the voters think President Trump will do? They think he will do what he said he would do — which is the polar opposite of what many professional politicians do. He’s the natural extension of the tea party movement which has been rejecting the establishment arrogance, lies, deficit spending, war on business and corruption. Drain the swamp!

President Trump will have the most ambitious agenda of this century and one which most Americans have been hoping for and disappointedly anticipating for many years. It will include border security, immigration reform, end catch and release at the border, repeal and replace the failed Obama care and Dodd Frank, lower tax rates, tax reform, repatriate $2 trillion from overseas to invest in our economy, make business loans more available, renegotiate bad trade deals, appoint constitutional conservatives to all of the federal courts, fire Janet Yellen, rebuild our infrastructure, child care tax credits, end sanctuary cities for criminals, send illegal immigrant felons back home, term limits for politicians, expand mental health programs, cyber security, rebuild the military, freedom of school choice, continue to help America to become energy independent through all forms of energy production, reform and streamline regulations, defeat ISIS and the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism with our allies, reform veteran health care, modernize our missile defense system, repeal the death tax, increase standard tax deductions, withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, root out fraud, corruption and waste in government and rescind all of President Obama’s unconstitutional and job killing executive orders. As Paul Ryan has pointed out, they plan on going bold and big from day one.

David Johnson is a Carson City business man.


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