Letters to the editor for Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016

Fundraiser insensitive to victims of domestic violence

As a trained domestic violence advocate, I find Dodge for a Cause to be in extremely poor taste for a domestic violence benefit. To hear that the District Attorney’s office was involved adds to my distaste.

Susan Sheehan


For Nevada Republicans, the clock is ticking

Dear Nevada Republican leadership, it’s time to wake up.

The recent statewide elections of 2016 were yours to win, but unfortunately due to your ineptness and lack of strong leadership you managed a stunning statewide loss. I congratulate you.

Your circus started before the 78th legislative session with the Fiore/Robertson dustup, continued into the legislative session with your unstellar singular accomplishment of the tax increase after the voters previously turned it down at the polls and to top it off, our esteemed Governor refused to support his own party’s candidates.

Your performance during the 2015 legislative session was equally dismal.

Instead of making progress on critical issues, you continued to argue about the placement of the deck chairs as your ship was sinking and you didn’t pay any attention to the icebergs in your path.

You might want to take the next two years to lick your wounds, pull your collective heads out of that dark place, shake off the complacency and plan on how to best return to our/your conservative roots, re-invigorate the party by finding qualified, competent candidates and develop a platform that we can support.

You have two years and the clock is ticking.

Terry Callison

Carson City

Open letter to Charter Communications

Dear Charter,

I like you to add another button to my remote control that will block out any and all political ads. I do not want to see any more political ads on my television. On my phone I have every “no call” applications there is, but I still get political calls on my phones as political harassment calls are exempt from the “no call” applications. So I’d like a button that gets rid of all and any political ads for an entire election cycle on my television.

I’d go for a simple black screen during a political ad. Perhaps a wide-screen photo of a scene from Yosemite or Yellowstone is possible. How about one that’s a 360 degree shot of the Statue of Liberty on a beautiful spring morning? Maybe a loop of seals playing in a kelp forest would be nice.

P.S. If all politicians were to get a little shock each time I push the button on the remote, well, that would be OK with me.

Very truly yours,

Ron Landmann


America returned to ‘We, the People’

We, the people, stand up and thank God! He has given America the beautiful back to We, the People!

For those who voted otherwise, hopefully, you’ll learn a very basic lesson: You don’t ignore God and His laws!

Mary Santomauro


Approval of recreational marijuana is disappointing for Nevada

The outcome on Question 2 was a disappointment to us all.

Statewide Question 2 won by approximately 100,000 votes. That victory margin was the result of Question 2 passing in Clark County by a 100,000 vote margin. In the other 16 counties, the result was a draw. Question 2 lost in 13 counties and was very close in Storey and Nye counties. Unfortunately, we lost as well in pivotal Washoe County.

Thanks to each of you for working to defeat Question 2. We were up against a formidable commercial marijuana industry that has reported spending $4.3 million in Nevada drafting, qualifying and promoting their initiative, Question 2, since 2014. The much appreciated major funding of the “No” campaign came late in the process and permitted us to be politically competitive.


Jim Hartman



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