Carson City officials still figuring out how to deal with legalized marijuana

Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury says he won’t quite be following the lead of Clark County prosecutors who are suspending pot possession prosecutions.

In Las Vegas, prosecutors told the Las Vegas Review-Journal they won’t pursue charges against those accused of having an ounce or less of pot even though the voter approved law legalizing pot possession doesn’t take effect until January 1.

“We’re going to enforce the law that’s in place right now,” he said Wednesday. “That’s not saying the change in the law won’t be a factor in how we look at things. We’re going to be realistic.”

Woodbury said with legalization, “it’s a different world now.

“By the same token, it’s got an effective date for a reason and that’s the date we’re preparing for.”

He and Sheriff Ken Furlong both said between now and January, Carson officials have to work out exactly how to deal with legal marijuana use, where it’s acceptable and a host of other issues passage of the ballot question raises. And Furlong said it will take longer than Jan. 1 when pot becomes legal to work out all those issues.

Furlong said from his office’s point of view, the legalization of small amount possession changes nothing.

“Simple possession under an ounce is a citable offense only,” he said. “We are not arresting anybody today. There no jail sentence for less than an ounce.”

Furlong said Carson residents voted against legalization of pot but, statewide, it passed and the vote of the people has to be respected and celebrated.

“I support whatever the voters say,” Furlong said. “Trump got elected. Marijuana is now legal.”

According to the Review-Journal story, Clark County DA Steve Wolfson says his office is suspending small pot cases in progress and won’t file new charges against people accused of having less than an ounce. The city attorney made a similar statement.


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