View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Friday the 13th unlucky — Marriage on that day brings trouble galore for newly wedded couple: One of the things which the unfortunate professor John B. Wise failed to pay proper attention to was the fact that his wedding day fell on Friday the 13th day of the month and as a result of his carelessness and he found himself in no end of trouble before he finally extricated himself from the meshes of his bellicose mother-in-law.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, November 18, 1916

Chasing a Coyote — Pat McAvoy, brakeman on the Fallon train heard a commotion in his chicken house at hazen a few nights ago and going out saw a coyote chasing the fowls. The coyote ran after a chicken and Mrs. McAvoy’s pet bull dog. Which is highly prized, took after the coyote. Pat took after the dog and Mrs. McAvoy fearing her pet might be bitten by a rabid animal, joined in the chase. Superintendent Manson of the reduction works, took out his gun and heading off the cavern, dispatched the coyote. The dog was bitten however and is being kept in confinement awaiting developments.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, November 18, 1916

75 Years Ago

Second Churchill prisoner escapes — The second of two state prisoners at Carson City involved more than two years ago in a burglary of the Lyric café in the Woodliff Building at Fallon Thursday made his escape. Sheriffs over western Nevada and prison guards are on the hunt for Ray Raymond who was brought back from Salt Lake City August 14, 1939, by sheriff Ralph J. Vannoy and soon thereafter sentenced to serve in the state prison after having been found guilty of burglary.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, November 15, 1916

Sparks man fined for early shooting — Guido Pucenelli of Sparks this week paid a fine of $50 on a charge of shooting ducks before sunup. Before Albert Mason, Justice of peace at Hazen, he pleaded guilty. Arrest was made by Jim Savage of the Federal wildlife service and William Le, Churchill county game warden. Lee signed the complaint.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, November 15, 1916

50 Years Ago

England To Open Café here — Fallon will soon have a new eating place. Bob England former CPO with the Navy has taken over the former home café, at 24 East Center Street and will operate it under the new name Bob and Betty’s. home café. They expect to open at 6:00 Saturday morning Nov. 19th.

The Fallon Eagle, Friday, November 11, 1916

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Dwen Davis, Churchill County Museum Assistant.


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