The Popcorn Stand: Trump supporters take a stand, still pay for coffee

With the danger of offending Donald Trump supporters, this takes the coffee cake. Apparently Trump supporters are showing their disdain for Starbucks — by buying drinks at their stores.

Full disclosure as I’ve said before I’ve never been a Trump fan. And I do understand this protest is more about taking a stand.

This all started when apparently a barista took the concept of we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone a bit too far when the employee refused to serve a customer because he supported Trump.

But now apparently Trump supporters all over the country are showing up at Starbucks — to spend their money for a cup of coffee or whatever fancy drink the store offers. Apparently they give the barista the name “Trump” so the barista has to yell out “Trump” when their drink is ready.

My guess is Starbucks is laughing all the way to the bank.

Although I do get this is more about showing support for Trump and all that.

And there have been other protests that made less sense to me because I assume the Trump supporters are still drinking whatever they buy.

I remember when we didn’t care so much for the French (remember Freedom Fries) and I saw these people pouring out their French wine. The thing is, these people had already bought the wine. You think the French really cared they poured out wine they had already bought?

Or there was the time during a particularly bad season for the Detroit Lions when fans decided to show up for a game — and then walk out in protest. Do these fans realize they bought tickets for a game they decided not to watch before walking out? Again I don’t think the Lions could have cared less these fans walked out as long as they bought the tickets.

Protests aside, let’s hope with a Trump presidency we all get our money’s worth.

— Charles Whisnand


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