Profile of Trump’s supporters

Uneducated white males talked like Donald Trump in their locker room — or think it‘s okay. They think women are sex objects and if you’re rich and famous you can just assault them whenever you wish. They laugh at Trump’s name calling of women. They don’t want women in the military fighting alongside men. They especially don’t want a woman Commander in Chief.

When they hear people speaking Spanish instead of English it angers them. They don’t like the fact that they have to tell the ATM machine, many businesses they may call on the phone, utility companies, and the local, state and federal government in which language they wish to conduct business. They want to send all of “them” back to where they came from. Their white male dominated culture is being challenged and they don’t like it one bit.

They don’t want gays in the military or support gay marriage. They especially don’t want transvestites using the public bathroom their children use. They don’t believe for one second that global warming is caused by emissions from their pick-ups or tractors. They think we should drill for oil wherever it might be, including the Alaska wilderness and off-shore. They don’t want tax dollars used to fund clean energy programs. They want more coal. They don’t think any bug should be protected because they’re endangered. They don’t like tree-huggers one bit.

They think most minorities are in jail, or should be, and the rest are on welfare, for which they are paying, or they are illegal immigrants. They pooh-pooh the notion that police officers discriminate against minorities. They don’t like Black Lives Matter one bit.

These uneducated white males also believe Trump’s going to build that wall, make Mexico pay for it, and make America white again. Oops, a Freudian slip.

Pro-life religious women voted overwhelmingly for Trump. They think he will appoint judges to the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe vs. Wade. When voting, ending abortions always overrides all other considerations. So they voted for Trump in spite of his treatment of women, including sexually assaulting them ( which he has admitted), his foul language, and his despicable un-Christian-like selfish lifestyle. They exhibited a great degree of hypocrisy. Christians? I don’t think so.

Other conservatives and Republicans, male and female, came home, saying they held their nose but voted for Trump. Now he’ll stink up the oval office. It never seemed to bother them that he wouldn’t release his tax returns, filed bankruptcy six times, and knows very little about foreign affairs.

The NRA won. They only care about one thing; That their backers, the gun and ammo manufacturers and dealers make money. They don’t care who buys the guns, even assault weapons. They could care less who dies; men, women, children, it makes no difference, just sell those guns and make a buck.

They lie repeatedly about politicians, claiming they oppose the Second Amendment. Hillary Clinton wanted background checks, and to close the gun show loophole, to keep criminals, terrorists, and the mentally ill from purchasing guns. The NRA and Trump lied repeatedly about her, saying she was going to confiscate the firearms of law abiding citizens. As a result, many gun fanatics went bonkers and become a danger to Clinton. That‘s how insane, yes insane, they’ve become. They are very scary. They want to buy any gun they wish without background checks or waiting periods, and carry it anywhere they choose.

These are the people, along with third party voters, who put Trump in the White House. Because of them, the NRA is happy, and we’re screwed.

Because of them, women will be denied equal pay and the right to challenge such discrimination. Because of them, women may lose their freedom of choice and Plan Parenthood clinics will be federally unfunded. Because of them, there will be no significant increase in the federal minimum wage. Because of them, 18 million people will lose their health insurance and others will see the cost of their healthcare insurance premium go up even more than it would have under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

They’ve elected the most anti-environmentalists in history. They’ve elected a man despised by our allies, but reciprocally loved by dictator Vladimir Putin, who will now do as he wishes. They’ve elected the most despicable man ever elected to the presidency — an admitted sexual deviate who might be indicted for having sex with a minor.

Because of them I anguish and am terrified. Dear Lord, give Mr. Trump a heart and soul and deliver us from evil. Elizabeth Warren in 2020. Never give up.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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