Carson City School District facing $1.96 million deficit

The Carson City School District is expecting a $1.96 million deficit for fiscal year 2017.

Fiscal Director Andrew Fueling presented at the school board meeting Tuesday that the district budget projected a general fund expenditure about $64 million while only bringing in $62 million in revenue.

The district will be losing general fund considerations with the projected loss of the full-day kindergarten grant, loss of the Race to the Top grant and staffing kindergarten through third grade paraprofessionals in every classroom.

Fueling also presented an informational update on the district’s capital projects funding sources, which will be amended at the next school board meeting. The projected cost of the capital projects may increase by $1 million but that won’t be determined until January, when the bond premium is determined.

“In January when we sell we will know what the bond premium is and if it is less than $1 million, we will come back to the board to look at the projects and what may not happen,” Fueling said.

The board also discussed possible options for extra money from the district. Due to a educational savings account from a legislative bill, the district wanted to approve a one time payment of $150 for all district employees.

While the board trustees all agreed that it would be good to pay the school employees for their hard work, they questioned whether that was the best option for the money.

“We should use this money to plug some real needs that we have identified in this meeting alone,” said Ryan Green, school board trustee. “Part of me feels terrible we can’t give our folks more money instead.”

The board members decided to table the discussion, in order to continue to evaluate options to use the money and what would be the most ideal solution.

“We just want to make sure the money is put where we as a board and you as the executive staff feel it would be best,” said Board President Joe Cacioppo.


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