Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016

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Trump looks out for himself first

According to David Fahrenthold at The Washington Post in his interview on NPR on Sept. 28, Trump has not made a legitimate donation to charity since 2008-2009 from his foundation. Trump has diverted money owed to him to be paid to his foundation, hence no taxes were paid, and where the money went from there, who knows. Trump used approximately $258,000 for the Trump Foundation to settle some of his business legal problems.

As much as Trump portrays himself as a caring philanthropist, his accounting and financial practices are far more crooked than they are charitable. Does he use his foundation for the public good or does he manipulate his foundation as tax shelter to benefit himself?

Anyone can make an inspiring statement as in, “Make America Great Again,” but isn’t Donald Trump out to make Donald Trump great? If Donald Trump makes it to the White House, we will have a part-time president because he will be looking out after his own business dealings first, and the country will come second. After all, he has a lifetime of giving orders, not taking them. And realistically who can fix a country in four years? It took decades for us to get where we are today and probably many more years to better ourselves.

Besides, is the White House a place to force a 70-year-old man to grow up? Enough said. Nevada beware.

Ann Burke

Carson City


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