Board of Supervisor Ward 2 candidate Maurice White

Thank you Nevada Appeal for this opportunity to share my thoughts and qualifications for addressing the issues facing Carson City.

My name is Maurice White, I am a candidate for Carson City Supervisor, Ward 2. I am running because I believe I have the skills and experience to help direct our community on a path to an exciting and sustainable future.

I was born here in 1958 to Norman and Virginia White, Carson City has always been my home. After graduating from Douglas High School in 1977 I attended and graduated from Arizona Automotive Institute in Phoenix, Ariz. I returned to Carson City in 1979 to raise my children.

I started my working career at age 14 as a gardener on an estate in Carson Valley. While holding that job I worked in restaurants, construction, auto repair, and as a laborer. After returning from Phoenix I held several automotive/equipment repair jobs before going to work for Douglas County School District. I worked for DCSD for 27 1/2 years gaining increased responsibility, including Lead Mechanic. While at DCSD I continued my education with advanced in-service and specialized certificate training as well as 21 credits from WNC. I was an ASE Certified Master Mechanic in several categories. Working for a variety of companies I almost always had two jobs.

Returning to private sector employment I stayed in the automotive/equipment repair field. Multiple companies gave me full responsibility to establish and manage the departments I worked in.

Honesty, hard work, and continued education were essential to my success. I have endeavored to be active in my community and I bring these attributes to my volunteer and philanthropic work. While helping create and support various organizations I have honed my communication and organizational skills that best help these organizations be successful.

Along with financial support to other organizations I am and have been active with the following organizations :

1991 - 1995: Cofounder and Board member of Carson City Pop Warner

1991 - 1995: Member — Carson City Youth Sports Association

2008 - 2016: Member — Ormsby Sportsman’s Association

2010: Founder — Veterans Guest House Endowment Fund

2010-present: Member — Community Foundation of Western Nevada Legacy Society

2013-present: Member — Carson City Airport Authority

2015-present: Treasurer — Carson City Airport Authority

2013-2016: Member — Sierra Nevada Forums

2015-present: Member — Board of Directors Nevada State Prison Preservation Society

My personal passions include fishing and backpacking.

As a native of Carson City I want to bring your voice to city government. For too long you have been ignored on major issues.

Carson City is a vibrant community with a challenging economy. We have a growing City and School debt approaching $400,000,000. We need to decide what kind of government will be making decisions for the taxpayers of Carson City. Currently city government is composed of five business people. It is time to elect someone with a broad background to serve all the people of Carson City. My work history and civic participation gives me the diverse experience that lends itself well to addressing the needs of all residents of our historic Capital City. I have a blue collar point of view that will help this Board of Supervisors make better decisions. My decision making process recognizes the needs of our residents and the separation of private and public sector responsibilities. I have an organized set of criteria to help me make my decisions:

Who’s idea is it?

Do we need it?

Is it the proper function of government?

Could the private sector produce a better product?

What is the full project and what are the total costs?

What are the 10 and 20 year cost projections?

I pride myself on integrity and being a good listener. I welcome and am always open to considering other viewpoints. I have committed myself to the hard work it will take to be your Supervisor. Since 2008 I have participated in endless City committee meetings studying the issues and process. Already being familiar with staff and the process, I’m ready to be an effective full time Supervisor without excessive conflicts of interest.

Carson City has a bright future. We can’t wait for our future, we must create it. With strong policies and direction from the Board of Supervisors we can meet our future infrastructure, education, and social needs. Carson City isn’t far from being at our population limits so we need to plan for that threshold. Our future requires us to make some critical changes now. Our local government has be proactive and to do that we need to: Restructure the Capital Improvement and Maintenance programs.

Control spending and retire debt.

Diversify the Carson City Board of Supervisors.

Repair the trust residents have lost (i.e. responsible spending of taxpayers money).

As a candidate for Supervisor I’m looking forward to being a part of the planning for our future.

Maurice White can be reached at and or (775) 297-6484.


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