Cheers & Kudos: We call our heroes in an emergency

The home of heroes’ a.k.a. firefighters at the Carson City Fire Department Station #1 is waiting bated breath to help us, and our loved ones in times of emergency. When an emergency call comes into the fire station, with respect for your call, silence reigns as detailed information is relayed to the firefighters as to whom are being called on and where they are directed.

An influential group of local youngsters had the opportunity to personally meet with Fire Chief Robert Schreihans on Oct. 2 and received an educational and inspirational tour of Station #1. It was during this tour that two emergency calls were witnessed. For every one of our calls for help the first responders receive, the firefighters are our real-life heroes in emergencies and are committed to helping us, and we remain proud of all whom belong to Station #1, and throughout the great State of Nevada.

The firefighters were very hospitable to our group during our personnel tour. What a treat to have entered into their home. We would like to thank the Fire Chief, and report on the most excellent emergency rescue operation at Station #1. Special recognition to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada in helping coordinate the opportunity for the group tour.

Michelle VanHorn


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