Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016

Barrette for Supervisor

I have known John Barrette for many years, and I trust the experience and skills he offers Carson City. By electing John, our community can expect thoughtful decision-making based on his thorough study of matters coming before the Board of Supervisors. I know from observation that he approaches topics by weighing the costs and benefits, analyzing potential consequences, and factoring in existing limitations and opportunities.

As an engaged community member, John has paid close attention to current and future issues facing Carson City. He is already well informed, and as supervisor, John will not rubber-stamp important decisions. He will look out for the best interests of residents and our wide-ranging concerns, including timely infrastructure maintenance, careful use and sufficient supply of vital resources, sound economic and financial strategies, smart growth, and ample arts and culture attractions. We can rely on his understanding of community perspectives as well as his vision for a thriving, fiscally healthy community.

A vote for John Barrette is a vote for a candidate who knows what is important to Carson City. He has realistic goals and he wants what we all want — a first-rate quality of life for everyone achieved through realistic planning and carefully considered actions.

Betsy Kosier

Carson City

Open letter to Governor Sandoval

Governor Sandoval, in a little more then two years you will be leaving the office of Governor of the great state of Nevada. I’m sure you are cognizant of the fact that history will not only view, but also judge the legacy of your policies and stewardship and how they will have affected this state’s future. Within the first year of your inauguration the Nevada Bear Hunt was instituted in the fall of 2011.

For 10 years prior to the 2011 hunt one bear had been relocated from a Tahoe Alpine environment to a hunt zone unit. Since then 27 bears have been relocated to the most popular and most hunted units. To date in the current hunt five bears have been taken. All five taken with the use of hounds, a form of hunting banned in 32 states.

You have the power to end this. Please consider the legacy you leave not only Nevada’s citizens, but its wildlife!

Toogee Sielsch

Carson City


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