The Popcorn Stand: Apples (computers that is) apparently smell good

I remember when I was a senior at USC with the Daily Trojan in 1987 and the pope visited the nearby Los Angeles Coliseum. There was somebody outside the Coliseum selling “Pope Soap on a Rope.”

We asked him if the soap was actually used by the pope and he said no, he decided just to attach soap to a rope and call it “Pope Soap on a Rope.”

I’m sure somebody bought it.

I have to admit when I heard this next story, I thought of that guy selling “Pope Soap on a Rope.” But I guess I shouldn’t question what I don’t understand.

Because apparently the smell of a freshly opened new Apple Macbook is pretty nice. Really nice. So nice, a company solid out a scented candle that’s supposed to mimic the smell of a new Apple computer at a cost of $24 — in two hours. I’ve never opened an Apple computer so I have no idea what it would smell like but I assumed it probably smells pretty much like anything you open stuffed with Styrofoam.

But apparently not so. The “New Mac” scented candle smells like mint, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage. That’s what a new Apple computer apparently smells like. Who knew?

It sounds a lot better than “Pope Soap on a Rope.”

— Charles Whisnand


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