Those non-issue items

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said on MSNBC that what Donald Trump said to Alicia Machado is a non-issue, and was only brought up by Hillary Clinton to avoid talking about real issues, like the economy and jobs. That’s nonsense.

Trump called Machado, then Miss Universe, “Miss Piggy” and the racially motivated “Miss Housekeeping” when she gained weight. This is typical of Trump’s treatment of women. His demeaning name calling of women is standard practice. Women’s issues are vital in this campaign. He says we’re all overpaid, so he won’t raise the minimum wage or grant women equal pay, which are important to women.

He also doesn’t support a woman’s right to have a safe abortion. He really said women who have abortions should be incarcerated or punished in some fashion. He has no plan to replace Obamacare, which he wants to repeal. These are not non-issues.

Hillary Clinton frequently talks about the economy and jobs, along with improving Obamacare and other issues. She supported President Obama’s economic plan which has seen the NYSE index rise from about 6,000 to over 17,000 and seen the unemployment rate drop from about 12 percent to 5 percent during his presidency. Hillary’s economic and jobs plan can be found on the Internet.

Donald Trump took the millions given to him by his father and managed to bankrupt six businesses. He still owes money to workers who helped build his buildings. His businesses lost almost a billion dollars in 1995. He’s not the great businessman he claims. His income tax returns probably show he paid no taxes for two decades by using loopholes and was a piker when it comes to charitable donations. His tax plan would result in trillions of tax cuts for the wealthiest, including billions for Trump himself — if he pays his taxes.

Trump’s supporters not only want you to believe women’s issues are non-issues, they want you to believe that Trump’s law-breaking violation of the Cuban embargo is a non-issue; that Trump’s non-disclosure of his tax returns is a non-issue and that Trump’s kissing up to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is a non-issue. They’re wrong, wrong, wrong.. They think his encouragement of Russia to “hack” into Hillary Clinton’s computer is a non-issue. They‘re still wrong. We all know Trump lied when he said he never supported the war in Iraq. He also said in a video that we must go into Libya and oust Muamar Gaddafi because he was killing millions. Now he says it was a mistake for Hillary and Obama to assist Libyans in ousting Gaddafi.

During the first debate Trump lied when he denied saying that “climate change is a hoax.” What his staff wishes, is that we didn’t know that Trump is a pathological liar, so they just deny it and say it is a non-issue. They’re wrong; it’s a very big issue.

Trump’s plan to make religion a criteria for entering this country demonstrates his bigotry and is a big issue. His calling all illegal Mexicans entering this country rapists and murderers sent here by the Mexican government is ridiculous and racists. He said that Mexico is not our friend. He says he’s going to build a wall along our southern border and Mexico is going to pay for it. Yet, when he meant with Mexico’s president Enrique Pena Nieto, whom he called “my friend”, he says the wall wasn’t mentioned. He lied. What’s new?

Nieto said he told Trump Mexico would never pay for the wall. Trump’s support of nuclear proliferation, which could lead to a world wide holocaust, is scary. These are legitimate issues.

There is one non-issue which Trump tweets about at three in the morning — the Clintons’ marriage. He attacks Hillary for being angry at women who attempted to seduce her husband, or actually had a sexual encounter with him. It seems to me that just about all women get angry with the “other woman.” It’s natural and understandable. Ivana Trump got very angry, publicly, with Marla Maples.

In 1975 Hillary Clinton took an oath to honor her marriage for better or worse. She kept her promise. Donald Trump took marriage vows three times. The Clintons have been married 41 years; that’s 25 years longer

than Trump was married to Ivana, 35 years longer than he was married to Marla Maples, and 30 years longer than he has been married to his current wife, Melanie. He had a much publicized affair with Marla in Aspen, Colo., while still married to Ivana. For goodness sake, Trump is the last person in the world who should be talking about another person’s marriage.

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