Young team shows promise against Lowry

The Greenwave boys’ soccer team played a tough match against the Lowry Buckaroos Saturday, losing 10-3.

The game was intense, and both teams brought strong offensive plays. The action was constantly shifting across the field as the players fought for possession. Over the course of the first half, the Greenwave would push into a scoring position, but the Buckaroos never gave an opening to shoot through.

Fallon also played a good defense, but Lowry was able to push through to launch the ball into the net. Late in the match, though, Fallon pushed through as well, allowing Cesar Molina to secure the Wave’s first goal of the game. At halftime, Lowry led 6-1.

In the second half the Buckaroos got a leg up on Fallon, quickly pushing through several goals. Their lead quickly rose to 10-1, though there was still enough time on the clock.

As time ticked down, Fallon rallied and pressed the attack; the offense pushed through, allowing Molina to score two more goals. The defense also came back strong with goalkeeper Caden Bowman stopping the ball and keeping Lowry from scoring more goals on numerous occasions. In the end, though, Fallon was unable to pull back enough and the game closed with Lowry in the lead.

Lowry coach Steve Swanson noted this was their first win of the season and their scoring has needed improvement.

“We’ve been getting our butts kicked,” he said. “Not bad, most games were pretty close.”

Like Fallon, Lowry has a fairly young team comprised mostly of first time players. According to Swanson, it has been especially hard since one of the few returning players with field experience has been injured most of the season.

Fallon coach Miguel Orduna said he was proud of his team after the game. He said they played hard and performed well. The team has been working hard on the technical aspects of the game with moving the ball and covering the field.

“They were awesome today,” Orduna said. “I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

He was especially impressed with the team’s endurance. With no substitutes, the boys had to be on the field constantly and keep up their energy; throughout the game, the team never slowed down and kept up the same level of intensity. The coach felt this showed how big the team’s heart is and that they would be able to do great things in the future.

“For as young as they are, and as hard as they’re playing, we’re going to be a different team come next season,” Orduna said.

The coach felt his entire team showed lots of talent, though this match allowed some to truly shine. According to Orduna, Bowman has not had much time playing as goalkeeper, though Saturday’s game showed what kind of talent he has for the position. He also praised Molina for scoring the goals. The midfield also played well, and Orduna felt they dominated against Lowry.

“I mean, yeah, we were down, but we stayed focused and we scored,” he said. “That’s what matters.”

The Greenwave boys’ soccer will be playing at home against North Tahoe this afternoon at 4 p.m.


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