Special session reconvenes today

The 30th special session of the Nevada Legislature reconvenes this morning with the focus shifting form the Senate to the Assembly.

Senators spent Monday and Tuesday analyzing, debating and amending the bill that enacts a room tax hike in Clark County to fund not only construction of a football stadium for the Raiders but a major expansion of the Clark County convention center.

They passed it with just a minute or two to spare Tuesday evening by a vote of 16-5.

That measure now goes to the Assembly for review and some there say they may be able to finish the job Thursday. Most, however, expect the debate to run into Friday.

The Assembly convenes at 8:30 a.m. and the first order of business will be passage of AB1, the bill that adds a small amount to the Clark County sales tax rate to put up to 100 more police officers to the street — primarily in the resort corridor. That vote didn’t happen Tuesday because of a flaw in an amendment to the measure and an amendment to SB1 that eliminated a few million in police funding from the stadium bill.

The Senate, its heavy lifting done, won’t convene until 2 p.m. and, hopefully process the police sales tax in an hour or so.


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