The Popcorn Stand: I’m a bitter Giants fan rooting against the Cubs

Maybe I’m just a bitter Giants fan and I know I’m in the minority (although the more people I talk to I’m not so sure), but I’m rooting against the Chicago Cubs.

I know the Cubs are the sentimental choice, 108 years and all that. So they’ve become the media darlings. Which is why I’m pulling for the Cleveland Indians and not the Cubs.

It’s not so much I dislike the Cubs, it’s all the media attention the Cubs are getting I dislike. Yeah, I know Joe Maddon’s a great guy who knows how to manage a young team. Frankly I’m already as tired of his shtick as I became tired of the other Madden’s shtick and it took me years to become tired of John Madden.

I like the Indians because they knocked out the other media darlings, the Boston Red Sox, which prevented FOX from having its dream Cubs-Red Sox matchup.

Of course, an Indians-Cubs matchup would almost be as good for FOX. The Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948.

So that’s why I’m rooting for the Washington Nationals despite my disdain for Bryce Harper. Of course as a Giants fan it’s obvious why I would root for the Nationals to eliminate the Los Angeles Dodgers today.

Rooting for the Dodgers is like rooting for the Yankees, Notre Dame (when they’re good), Alabama (because they’re so good), the Cowboys (they’re good again), U.S. Steel or the Soviet Union to beat the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team.

I like the Nationals because I like Dusty Baker only because when I interviewed him once when he was manager of the San Francisco Giants, he was wearing batting gloves during batting practice.

I thought it was pretty cool a manager would wear batting gloves. I don’t think Maddon as a manager has ever worn batting gloves.

So I’m rooting for an Indians-Nationals World Series. I don’t care for the Blue Jays, either. They rub me the wrong way. Maybe it goes back to Jose Bautista’s bat flip. Respect the game people.

Of course if the Indians do make the World Series, I’m sure I’ll tire of all the “Major League” references and hearing “Give him the heat Ricky” for the millionth time.

Yes, I’m a bitter Giants fan.

— Charles Whisnand


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