Greenwave golfer takes on state

Churchill County High School’s Allie Lister finished 32nd in the state golf tournament this week.

According to coach Sandy Vanderbeek, Lister finished with 115 and 127, respectively. On day one, Lister completed the course 30 of the 42 players on day one and 32 on the second day.

Vanderbeek said Lister did well in the tournament. She said the sophomore made great shots on the second day and captured par on two holes.

“Her short game showed all the hard work she has put into practice,” the coach said.

Over the course of the tournament, Lister only had one penalty on day one for going out of bounds. She also ran into some issues during the tournament, getting caught in trees on the first day and oddly sloped greens on the second; it did not slow her too much, though, and Vanderbeek said she was able to overcome them quickly.

The coach was happy for Lister’s performance and said she hopes for great things from her in the future.

“I’m looking forward to the next few years to see her go to the next level of competition,” she said. “She had a good first look at the state tournament and prepare her for next year.”


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