Letters to the editor for Friday, Oct. 21, 2016

Shirk seeking to remain city’s ‘voice of reason’

In response to my opponent’s letter, titled “Supervisor candidate aims to bring positive changes to city.”

Note: Following my opponent’s accusations, are my responses.

Opponent: I intend to bring a non-partisan search for solutions to city government offering real leadership instead of negative posturing that accomplishes nothing.

Response: Translation — “Going along to get along.”

Opponent: Nor will I claim to vote “for the people” while ignoring legitimate needs.

Response: As an elected official my first duty is to vote “for the people.”

Opponent: My fiscal restraint will keep taxes in check.

Response: My opponent said he would have voted in favor of the 1/8th-cent sales tax. Forcing new taxes on citizens is not how to keep taxes in check.

Opponent: My opponent from Ward 4 can’t lead, won’t follow and offers inarticulate reasons for blocking the path forward.

Response: When the path lacks accountability, a feasibility study, planning, and budgetary restraints it should be blocked.

As your elected official, I speak out on issues because accountability to you the citizen is my top priority. My duty is to evaluate city expenditures and to be mindful of the fiscal impact and the potential effect decisions may have on your community, your life, and your wallet. As my vote has reflected, citizens know they can count on me to represent them as I was elected to do.

This is a citywide election and regardless of where you live in Carson City you can vote to re-elect Jim Shirk as “Your Voice of Reason.”

Jim Shirk

Carson City Ward 4 Supervisor

Local election is most important

This election is so very important to our lives and wallets. Three Board of Supervisors are to be elected.

If you like the way our tax money has been raised and spent, without a proven return. If you like the fact that some current board members are certified “good ole boy club” members that never listen to us ordinary folks. Just vote for Bonkowski, “I know better than you,” or Crowell, “I believe in what ever will get my picture in the paper.”

If you do want change, vote for White, Carver and Shirk. All have already shown me that they will listen.

This is more important than any other on the ballot. You live here, you work here, you shop here, you raise your kids here, you drive on the (gulp) streets here. Do you shop downtown? Do you work downtown? Do you send your kids to school downtown? The current Board says you should because we should spend tax money for that. We all ride the V&T Railroad, right? We are still, and forever will pay for that. Good ole boys ... gee whiz.

Michael Tipton

Carson City

Faith leaders oppose Question 2

Three very important religious faith groups have joined together in urging defeat of Question 2, the recreational marijuana initiative.

Kevin White, Executive Director of the Nevada Baptist Convention, announced his organization’s opposition to Question 2. Founded in 1964, The Nevada Baptist Convention currently serves approximately 175 Baptist churches in Nevada.

Bishop Joseph Pepe (Las Vegas Diocese) and Bishop Randolph Calvo (Reno Diocese) placed the Nevada Catholic Conference on record as opposed to Question 2, as well. Their “No on 2” message is being communicated to Nevada Catholic parishioners throughout the state.

Finally, a letter was read to Mormon church members throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. In the letter, LDS President Thomas Monson took the very rare step of announcing formal Mormon church opposition to recreational marijuana initiatives on the ballot in three Western states.

Their unifying theme — the serious threat to youth from fully legalized marijuana.

Christine Blackburn-Sapp


Mayor Crowell embodies spirit of Carson

As someone who has run for elected office, I have nothing but respect and admiration for candidates who seek to serve their communities with a sincere desire to make a difference. To do a conscientious job often requires long hours and personal sacrifice at the expense of family and private business interests.

During the last four years of my term as supervisor, I had the distinct pleasure of serving with Bob Crowell, who, in my estimation has all the attributes of a fine public servant. In these days of political negativism, it is refreshing to encounter someone who is principled, intelligent, polite, fair-minded, and committed to serving others.

As the most visible representative of city government, the mayor not only occupies the center seat at Board meetings, he is expected to attend an endless array of public events and ceremonial occasions. Bob has always demonstrated a resolute commitment to not just meeting but exceeding this expectation. Whether celebrating the opening of a new business in town or honoring the passing of a respected member of the community, he is always genuine and dignified, embodying, in my mind, the very character and spirit of our great city.

Shelly Aldean

Carson City

Vote No on 2 — Big Marijuana

Question 2 before Nevada voters asks whether marijuana should be fully legal and widely available for recreational commercial sale. Our state has already decriminalized the drug for small quantity possession and marijuana is now legally available for medical use.

Question 2 is a 13-page initiative written by the commercial marijuana industry. It’s an “insiders business plan” to benefit Big Marijuana “potpreneurs.” Passage would create a state government-run marijuana program, transforming the Department of Taxation into a large, expensive bureaucracy. It will give monopoly powers to existing medical marijuana retailers and liquor wholesalers, while criminalizing Nevada citizens growing marijuana within 25 miles of proponents’ pot shops.

Unlike medical marijuana, local jurisdictions will not be able to opt out of recreational marijuana. Promised marijuana tax revenues would be unlikely to cover the full public and social costs (including regulation, enforcement, public health and safety, and substance abuse treatment).

The initiative fails to include any provisions for the regulation of edible marijuana products. It fails to place any limits on marijuana pot potency. It fails to establish restrictions on advertising.

Question 2 is opposed by law enforcement (Sheriffs’ and Chiefs; D.A.’s Associations) and the Nevada State Medical Association. The gaming industry is opposed (Nevada Resort Association) as well as business organizations and important faith leaders. Opposition is bipartisan — both US Senate candidates, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto and Republican Dr. Joe Heck, are “No on 2.” Governor Brian Sandoval is “categorically opposed,” joining the state’s two largest newspapers, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Reno Gazette Journal, as “No on 2.”

Jim Hartman

President Nevadans for Responsible Drug Policy

Keep Robin Titus in Nevada Assembly

First, I’d like to say I don’t believe children always follow closely in their parents’ footsteps. Some do and some don’t. This is in regard to a recent letter I read in the Lahontan Valley News about the Dinis.

With that being said, I don’t know them, but I believe I know Dr. Robin Titus. She currently serves as representative for Assembly District 38 and has proven to be very knowledgeable, energetic and fair.

She has been successful in working across the political aisle, and I would judge her performance as our representative to have been exemplary as she has dealt with such issues in Northern Nevada as water rights, mining, agricultural heritage, and much more. She has received a 100 percent rating from the American Conservative Union and was called “The Taxpayer’s Best Friend” by the Nevada Policy Research Institute for her work in the 2015 Legislative Session. She votes to keep taxes low, to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and to limit government power.

It has often been said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I can’t see anything broken here!

I hope citizens in District 38 will join me in voting to keep Robin Titus in the Nevada State Assembly.

Linda Hartweg


Vote ‘Yes’ on Question 2

The scare tactics being used by opponents of Question 2 regarding marijuana legalization in Colorado lead to one obvious question: Where’s the public outcry to repeal this supposedly disastrous policy? The answer is, there isn’t one, because Coloradans are generally happy with how legalization has worked out. In a September survey, Public Policy Polling found that 47 percent of Colorado citizens think marijuana legalization has been good for their state. Only 36 percent would support repeal.

Besides Colorado, three other states have legalized recreational marijuana. An analysis by the Drug Policy Alliance found that youth marijuana use in these states has remained steady or declined, traffic fatalities are at or below the national average, and tax revenues have exceeded expectations. These findings are similar to those published by the Cato Institute in September.

I understand that Nevada Appeal readers are generally conservative. Conservatives favor individual liberty and limiting the power of the federal government, do they not? Voting “Yes” on Question 2 is entirely consistent with these principles.

Public opinion polls from Gallup and Pew Research Center have found that more than 50 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana. It’s time for a change. Please vote “Yes” on Question 2.

Christopher Bellecy

Carson City

Chris Carver for Mayor

My grandmother and I had the opportunity to have a one on one discussion with Chris Carver, as well as meet his beautiful wife and grandson. It was not planned that way but happened to be a great experience for my grandmother and I to share.

As concerned residents of Carson City’s future, Mr. Carver took his time to talk to us about everything from taxes, responsible growth, transparency, table tennis, younger generations living with their parents, dogs, neighborhoods, road conditions and what Carson City’s future should look like compared to where it’s currently headed. Nothing was off limits and Chris’s visions were clear and 100 percent honest. He listened to our concerns with intent and had actual solutions!

Chris’s commitment to accountability and transparency in our government will promote an atmosphere of openness and real leadership. If you want honest, open door policy, accountability and vision provided by a proven leader, Chris Carver is it! He is trustworthy and wants to see sustainable, responsible and realistic growth for Carson City. His background in Strategic Intelligence, among the many other qualifications, is exactly what we need for the future of our Community and its current citizens. Mr. Carver can see where current planning has fallen short and wants to build a city that has a long term plan for the future.

My grandmother and I will confidently give our vote to Chris Carver to be our leader as Mayor in developing a responsible future for all who call Carson City home!

Amy and Louisa Vanderlinden

Carson City

Columnist misses mark on Question 2

Abby Johnson writes that she intends to vote for Question 2 to allow recreational use of marijuana because she wants to send a message to the federal government that its current drug laws aren’t working.

Seriously? That’s like blowing up your house because your dishwasher isn’t working right.

Question 2 will create a new bureaucracy in the Department of Taxation of all places that will be in charge of marijuana in Nevada. NOT legalizing it either, just creating some very rich pot businesses while small mom and pops who might want to enter this business will be completely shut out.

Your town doesn’t want recreational pot? Too bad. There is no opt out for any part of Nevada. You’re worried about kids getting marijuana including edible marijuana that looks like candy? Me too. Too bad.

The ballot question leaves unanswered so many problem areas. And this is how Abby wants to send a message.

Hey, Abby, why don’t you write a strongly worded letter instead?

Vote NO on Question 2.

Cheryl Blomstrom

Carson City

Mayor Bob Crowell, a man of character

“Mayor Bob Crowell is a genuine leader that shows passion for Carson City, and engages with people at all levels,” said Shaylin Segura, Carson High School student and TEDx speaker.

A couple of years ago, I was contacted by Mayor Bob Crowell to do an interview for a feature article in the Nevada Appeal. He expressed interest in my background as well as current programs of entrepreneurship I was implementing in our city. From the first few moments I met Mayor Bob we made a connection, a shared passion for our youth and the growth of our city. We had numerous discussions about creating an entrepreneurial culture.

Over the years, as an instructor and writer, I have identified core principles that make up a successful culture in business. They are generosity, courage, teamwork, leadership, stewardship (management of time and money), innovation, and honor. We need our youth to understand and apply these principles to create businesses and a better city.

As I got to know Bob as a friend, I saw a leader consistent in all his ways that embodied all seven of these principles. Also, he shows his leadership by serving our kids, businesses, and other areas of our community.

Entrepreneurs create job growth in our city. We need great people to co-labor in the growth of our city. Mayor Bob is the leader to provide an entrepreneurial culture of success for Carson City.

Jeff Glass

Carson City

Gas tax will pay for critical work on roads

Please be sure and vote YES on Question 1.

As a member of the Regional Transportation Committee for Carson City, I represent the citizens in the community to ensure that Carson City Public Works is diligent in their duties to ensure that the roadways in Carson are safe and in good repair. The staff has been very transparent and professional in their presentations to ensure that the RTC has a full understanding of the funding to meet the needs of the community.

It is very clear that there is not enough funding and there has not been enough funding for years. The deferred maintenance list has grown to a level that is a major concern for this community. And without the additional funding from this initiative this list will only grow and costs increase and the roadways become a real hazard and liability to the community.

A privately funded ad in the Appeal in opposition to question gas indexing is incorrect and misleading. The tax was increased in 1997 by 5 cents, but all of those funds were used to make payments to NDOT for the freeway and to build and maintain roads in Carson City.

The community needs to vote YES on question 1 to insure there is adequate funding in place to keep our roadways in good repair and safe. The tax will increase with inflation — up to 3 cents a year — for the next 10 years. These funds can only be spent on roads.

Mark Kimbrough

CAMPO and RTC Representative


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