1.68 million Nevadans registered to vote in Nov. 8 general election

A total of 1.68 million Nevadans are registered to vote Nov. 8.

As of the close of registration Friday, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske said that includes 1.46 million active voters. While the rest are listed as inactive because they either moved or failed to return a post card saying they still were here, they still can vote on election day.

Democrats have a registration advantage of more than 100,000 — 666,222 to 547,429. The next largest voting block is nonpartisan voters who total 355,570.

The Independent American Party has a total of 75,217 registered voters. The remaining small parties including Libertarians, the Green Party and others, have far smaller total voters.

Carson City’s total registered voter list now stands at 31,615, up just over 1,000 from a month ago. Douglas County also gained active voters by less than Carson City, adding about 600 for a total of 35,548.

Lyon County added more than 800 new names to the active rolls for a total of 34,891.

Since the close of registration for the 2014 General Election, Nevada’s active voter roll has increased by 251,626.

And those who are registered voters are eager to cast their ballots.

Carson City Elections Deputy Aubrey Rowlatt said 1,267 residents voted on Saturday. Surprisingly enough, though, that wasn’t the record for day one early voting turnout. The record was set in 2012 when 1,333 Carson voters went to the polls to choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Both of those numbers are more than double the meager 2014 turnout of just 594.

Clerk Recorder Sue Merriwether said it was 2 p.m. before the line was short enough that everyone was inside the building.

Monday’s turnout was significantly smaller but, as of 10:30 a.m., there were still more than 30 people in line. It will be difficult to beat the 2012 turnout totals for days two and three since both of those were more than 1,400 voters.

Douglas County also had a strong turnout as 1,138 fast ballots on day one. In addition, Douglas officials posted 1,266 absentee ballots returned to date.

Lyon County officials say 714 voters turned out Saturday between the Yerington and Fernley polling stations. A spokesman there said Monday was “crazy” as well.

In western Nevada counties, more than half the total turnout occurs during early voting.

Early voting continues daily except Sunday through November 4.


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