Moped, scooter owners must register with DMV beginning Nov. 1

Moped and small scooter owners who have been exempt from licensing and other DMV rules must get a moped license plate starting Tuesday.

The law was passed by the 2015 Legislature is designed to help prevent theft of those vehicles police say has been a major problem.

A spokesman said the registration fee is a one-time charge which will cost about $60. There will be an additional fee if the owner wants a title to the vehicle issued but there’s no requirement the registration be renewed each year.

Under Nevada law, a moped is a motor-driven scooter or cycle with an engine displacing 50-ccs or less and generating not more than two horsepower capable of a maximum speed of 30 mph.

Those vehicles still are exempt from insurance and helmet laws.

Vehicles with larger engines or capable of higher speeds are already required to register and license annually as motorcycles.

DMV Director Terri Albertson urged owners to make an appointment to register soon. She said owners will have to bring their moped to a DMV office or, in rural counties, to the sheriff’s office for an inspection and to record the vehicle ID number.

Registration requirement takes place Tuesday but she said law enforcement wont be issuing citations right away. They can cite unregistered mopeds beginning Jan. 1.

All moped riders are, however, required to have a valid driver’s license.

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