Letters to the editor

Candidates need to act in best interest of all residents

Michael Tipton’s letter on Oct. 21 was well written and most importantly, accurate. The election for the three positions on the Board of Supervisors is the most critical issue facing the residents of Carson City on Nov. 8. Incumbents Crowell and Bonkowski are local business owners who are in favor of developing every acre of undeveloped land in Carson City. John Barrette, supported by the Nevada Builders Alliance, appears to be of the same mind. These candidates feel the profits of business owners/developers are more important than the quality of life for the residents of Carson City.

We are in a five-year drought and the availability of future water supplies is, at best, uncertain. Instead of adopting policies designed to reduce our demand, the Board (excluding Supervisor Shirk), in its infinite wisdom, has given its approval to issue a record number of building permits in this and following years. This decision simply defies common sense. Our growth needs to be kept to a minimum level necessary to support the city’s operating budget.

It’s time the residents of Carson City elect Board members who make decisions on what is best for all of our residents, not what is most profitable to the acquaintances of our Board members. I feel Shirk, Carver and White are the most qualified to accomplish this goal.

Craig W. Davis

Carson City

Some politicians modeling inappropriate conduct

As a former teacher, current adult, and new grandmother, I find it extremely troubling that Donald Trump persists in spewing sour grapes and poor loser behavior — this is not the model of leadership we want for anyone in our country, as our representative to the world, and especially as a role model for our youth. Unfortunately, Congressman Amodei has been quoted in the paper using language I would not allow in a classroom while he stands behind Trump as his state chairman.

In contrast, I am very proud of the language choices of Hillary Clinton, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Chip Evans, and moreover of the intelligence and commitment to a better future for all of us (well, except, perhaps, the top 1 percent if their sole goal is indeed to get richer) that they stand for. Stronger together and adult behavior — a winning combination.

Sarah Mersereau-Adler

Carson City


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