Letters to the editor for Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016

The Graveyard Lament

No doughnuts!

No junk-food vending machines!

No parties!

No Friday barbecue cuisines!

Whoooo! Whoooo!

Swiftly, comes now

A laughing, headless-horseman

Across whose galloping prow

Cross the Apocalypse riders

Brandishing swords of revenge

Dipped in the poison of spiders

Concocted in a withes’ den!

As before them, ghoulish figures

Holograms against black night,

Follow a howling werewolf

Chasing a vampire in flight.

His glistening fangs snap wildly!

He snorts with curses profane

At bats circling him blindly

Entangling an owl and raven.

Their shrieks curl the blood of scarecrows

Languishing on poles at the gate

Guarding the care of the graveyard

‘Gainst invasion. A sinister fate!

The headstones tell our stories

Like the Anna-Banana ghost,

The laughter from Mary and Travis

Mocking those who dare boast

To enter our deathly chambers

Where Gail, Jim and Austin repose!

Where Tom, Eric and Bret

With magic mirrors and lights

Print themselves all over,

Ghoulish, iridescent sights!

Then Linda, Chrisy and Josh

Join Chey, Tamara and Mike

To watch as Matt and Gary

Brew a drink with a bloody-spike!

To edit this macabre composition

Low, Sandy, Kevin and Troy

Tap the witchcraft of Anita and Rhonda

Whom Matt conspired to employ.

So beware! All you in costume

Who lust so after reward

Joy-buzzers and whoopee-cushions

Will welcome you aboard!

Scoff not at our timely warning

Though we’re not here for the prize

All the headstones will open!

Yea! The night has a thousand eyes!

Mary Santomauro


Working together to advance Cancer Moonshot

A national “moonshot” to defeat cancer was announced at the State of the Union. I was gratified to see rural cancer care issues included.

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah has long emphasized working to ensure that individuals who live in rural areas can access cancer screening, treatment, and prevention resources. Thanks to commitment from other organizations, we are improving cancer care in rural communities.

Our affiliation with Carson Tahoe Cancer Center is an example of this commitment. Bringing two major health systems together — University of Utah Health Care and Carson Tahoe Health — is not easy, but here is why we do it:

CTCC is in a position to improve cancer care in Northern Nevada. It is Northern Nevada’s only freestanding facility providing cancer treatment, intervention, support, and after-care resources under one roof. The cancer facilities are state-of-the-art, fostering healing for individuals with cancer and their families. CTCC has won awards and is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. CTCC shares our value of ‘the patient first,’ and has an outstanding reputation.

From January to July 2016, 24 patients from CTH received cancer treatment at HCI for complex conditions, and 83 percent of those patients received care at CTCC after they returned home. When patients return to CTCC they will have access to outstanding cancer care, much closer to home.

HCI and CTH are providing expanded access to specialty cancer care and resources. This work enhances our understanding of how to improve cancer care in rural communities across the country.

Working together, we are improving cancer treatment and prevention, right here in Northern Nevada.

John W. Sweetenham MD

Executive Medical Director of Huntsman Cancer Institute

Raiders move is bad for taxpayers

I am curious about why we are wasting time and tax dollars on a special session for this stadium. The NFL has to approve the Raiders move, before that the owners of the other teams have to vote to allow the Raiders to move. None of these events has happened the owners are not even scheduled to vote on it. Considering a sports book was recently busted for money laundering I would doubt the NFL would approve the move.

This is another lousy deal for the taxpayers just like Tesla. Our Governor is just a Las Vegas Democrat wearing a Republican tie tack.

Rob Cobb

Carson City

Kudos to WNC women’s soccer team

I just want to say to the Western Nevada College girls soccer team you play very hard at all your games and you are a very good team and I support you very much

Keep up the good work you do.

Kevin Marcella

Carson City

Much needed fence installed at dog park

Imagine our surprise to find the city has completely fenced the dog-friendly Sonoma Park. It is wonderful! Now our dog is free to roam the area and we don’t need to be concerned that she will get onto the street from the ‘open’ yards.

This is fabulous! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Carol Edmund

Carson City


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