Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016

Question for Supervisor Jim Shirk

After I read Mr. Shirk’s thoughtful and considerate reply to my July email regarding his voting record as member of our Board of Supervisors, it occurred to me additional back and forth on the pages of the Appeal would not likely be productive and I want to instead change course and ask him to respond publicly to what I consider an elemental question for all individuals currently seeking, or hoping to maintain, public office.

It has been my experience that a simple, preliminary inquiry may often be informative in regard to the probability of a fruitful relationship (“What do you think of Monty Python?” comes to mind), and although some may feel my question, relating to national politics as it does, may be inappropriate, I don’t agree and ask that Mr. Shirk respond publicly and unambiguously to this question: “Do you support Donald Trump and do you plan to vote for him to be president?”

All the best!

Steve Waclo

Carson City


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