Students help others to help Carson City

Angila Golik's Honors Government A1 class is assigned to help out with the Food For Thought charity. Pictured middle, sitting in the desk, is Executive Director Marlene Maffei.

Angila Golik's Honors Government A1 class is assigned to help out with the Food For Thought charity. Pictured middle, sitting in the desk, is Executive Director Marlene Maffei.

In a time in which politics seem to be causing uproars and violence, Carson High School seniors of three honors government classes are learning about how elements of citizenship brings a quality of life to a community.

Some of those examples include respecting others, serving in the military, and supporting education and schools. But one element students are taking action on is giving back to the local community.

“Our students have huge hearts,” said Angila Golik, social studies teacher at CHS. “It’s about teaching them the importance of making the world a better place and to show why these elements matter to better prepare them for the world.”

As a semester project, each class is raising awareness and making donations to three local charities: Help a Mother Out Diaper Drive, Austin’s House and Food For Thought. Donations go to families in need and homeless children.

Students are assigned to pass out informational fliers to neighborhoods and businesses, and set up donation boxes. They also receive credit for posting photos of their experience on social media.

“It’s important to be involved in our local community because these are our neighbors, our friends and families,” said Ellen Cherpeski, 18, a student assigned to Diaper Drive. “Helping local organizations helps those we care about.”

A representative from each organization spoke to each class about the benefits of community service. Miss Lake Tahoe Briana Neben was one of the speakers, as she is the organizer for Austin’s House.

For Austin’s House, students are raising money to go toward the organization’s wish list on, to help purchase new furniture, toys and remodeling costs for the home. Their goal is to raise at least $500.

Many of Golik’s students realized the experience not only benefits the community, but also one another as people. Lesly Bracamontes, 17, is assigned to help Food For Thought. She said her involvement improved her communication skills.

“You also learn that not everybody in this world is able to support themselves,” she said. “But by helping provide them with supplies they need is a huge blessing. Starting off small by donating food, clothes and dental needs could be the start of something big later on down the road.”

Marlene Maffei, executive director of Food For Thought, said she’s thankful for CHS students for getting involved.

“They were very helpful and seemed to be glowing,” she said. “I absolutely love seeing the gratification in a young person eyes when they participate freely in a giving situation.”

The projects are already making an impact to Carson City. According to Help A Mother Out Diaper Drive Coordinator Nicki Hendee, Mayor Bob Crowell signed a proclamation to officially make Sept. 25-Oct. 1 Diaper Need Awareness Week.

“My classmates and I believe that our contributions and involvement with these organizations can bring a sense of happiness to the community,” said Jace Keema, 18, a student assigned to Diaper Drive. “If our contributions can help and care for new mothers and young mothers, then there is something positive to look forward to in the people who are the future.”

All three of Golik’s classes will inform students with a presentation on how they can contribute. Students will have an opportunity during the Homecoming bonfire event Monday night to donate canned goods to a food truck devoted to Food For Thought.

The food truck will also be present at the Carson vs. Galena home game Friday, Sept. 30, as an opportunity for the public to make donations.

Donations to these organizations also can be processed through Angila Golik,


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