Your cat loves you more than food

Looking for a home is Rufus is a two-year-old male butterscotch tabby.

Looking for a home is Rufus is a two-year-old male butterscotch tabby.

I was absolutely delighted to see the results of recent studies about cats and their attitudes toward humans. The study, done by Oregon State University and Monmouth University confirms that cats do love socializing with us, not just because we feed them.

The study took both domestic house pets and shelter cats and gave them a choice of stimuli. The cats could choose between food, toys, scent or humans. Amazingly, the cats chose human interactions over food. What a shock!

The common perception is that cats don’t really care about humans or human interactions. This study defends cats, saying that the public perception is wrong due to a lack of knowledge. My knowledge of cats has been honed over the years by cats I have shared my home with. I have noticed that some of my cats have ignored food but crave petting.

Mr. Wolf was, perhaps, the most affectionate of all my cats. He was a beautiful, black, sleek shiny cat. Oh, what a brat! We would play tricks on each other, hiding behind the door, he would wait for me then streak out and land on my back. If I left him alone, he’d make a mess out of my home. He craved attention and did whatever it took to get it.

This study may give new meaning to the phrase “Cat got your tongue?” It certainly left me speechless.


Rufus is a two-year-old male butterscotch tabby who has the heart of a saint. He gets along with everyone and everything. He loves to talk and cuddle. Rufus is one pleasingly plump laid back guy who is looking for someone to hang out with. If you have room in your heart and on your couch, he would love to be your companion. Come out and meet him, he’s just waiting for you.


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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.


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