Letters to the editor for Sunday, April 30, 2017

Heller, Amodei rebuffed their base at town hall

Let’s hope Sen. Heller and Rep. Amodei have figured out that the professional Democrat agitators and their robot followers have high-jacked the traditional constituent town hall meeting format.

Normal voters who came on April 17 to learn something or express their opinion were shouted down and shut out of the proceedings.

In a futile attempt to appease the howling mob, Amodei and Heller partially or completely abandoned their party’s positions on the job-killing EPA, tax funding for Planned Parenthood, and avowed only tepid support for President Trump. That was a slap in the face to their voter base who couldn’t be heard from.

News flash: The screaming sign-wavers threatening their re-election chances never have, and never will, vote for Heller or Amodei.

Lynn Muzzy


How much is enough?

Is it a coincidence that the Nevada Appeal has articles about the negative impact on people if Congress goes along with President Trump’s federal budget recommendations?

There is the family that will spend cold nights in their car because there will be no federal money to heat their home in the winter.

There are the children that cannot get books because the bookmobiles will be eliminated. And so the socialist drumbeat goes on and on.

I was so excited to contribute my “donation” of several thousand dollars to all these “good” socialist causes during the annual socialist holiday called Tax Day.

The question is, how do you reduce the federal budget? The answer is for people to be responsible for themselves.

For those who really do need assistance, many local organizations are willing to help. Just look at Carson City and all the local resource assistance programs that are available.

One example, during a Thanksgiving food assistance event, one person came by for a turkey. When the charitable organization offered to take the turkey to the car, the person declined. The charitable organization insisted. When they arrived at the car, they found that the person already had five turkeys from other organizations.

So, how many turkeys does a person need for Thanksgiving? So, how many federal programs do we need? So, how much more do I need to pay in taxes to support the socialist agenda? Look at socialist governments like Venezuela for the answer.

Doyle Hanks

Carson City

Columnist touts hypocritical views on marijuana

Guy Farmer’s fear mongering regarding marijuana borders on paranoia. He apparently sees legal marijuana as the biggest threat to humanity. His silent support of alcohol and tobacco is hypocritical as they are more dangerous to one’s overall health.

He actually has the audacity to say “we” don’t want it, speaking for all the citizens when in fact over half the voters supported it statewide and passed it into law. So now he wants counties to opt out of it because once again “we” voted against it 52-48 percent in Carson.

Don’t you just love people like Mr. Farmer who simply ignores 48 percent of those who did vote for it in the county as if they do not exist? How about letting those who support legal marijuana have access to it if they want, and those who do not can simply refrain from using it if they wish. What a concept — the freedom and right to choose and use marijuana in a responsible manner, just like alcohol and tobacco.

Farmer rails against “Big Marijuana” forcing something on us we don’t want, although a majority in the state do want it. Once again Mr. Farmer cannot be bothered to acknowledge Big Alcohol/Tobacco “forcing” their products on us. No, in Mr. Farmer’s world, only marijuana is “forced” on us. For reasons he will never tell us, Mr. Farmer believes marijuana is evil incarnate. He would deny access to those who enjoy marijuana while downing his cocktail. Hypocrite is thy name. Cheers.

Alan Banfield

Carson City

March for funding, not for science

The recent AP article, “Advocates fan out in global show of support for science,” inaccurately uses the term “science” in the title. Science is defined as the state or fact or knowing, opposed to intuition or belief.

The choice of the word “science” seems an effort to slant our focus away from demonstrators’ demands for government funding premised on their beliefs about climate change.

On hand at the Washington, D.C., demonstration was Michael Mann, promoting his belief in climate change. However, the temperature rise Mann had predicted based on his computer modeling did not happen. This fact was not mentioned in the AP article.

The global temperature has remained rather constant for the past 10-15 years. Rather than rethinking his computer model, Mann, joined by his colleagues, replaced the term “global warming” with “climate change.” “Science” is the term of art that Mann and global warming or climate change theorists now are utilizing to deflect questions raised about flaws in their research.

One might question how low concentrations of greenhouse gases CO2 and methane (parts per million by volume, ppmv), partly resulting from human activity, affect climate change relative to water vapor, the greenhouse gas having the largest effect. The “greenhouse effect,” which Mann and his colleagues tie to catastrophic future events, in actuality keeps the earth at a livable temperature. In the absence of the greenhouse effect, the average global surface temperature would likely be 0 degrees Fahrenheit rather the actual 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mike Porter


Doctor-assisted suicide bill needed in Nevada

I totally agree with the man who recently wrote in about the need for a bill giving doctors the right to ease the pain of those who are in pain and wish to not live any longer.

It is the kind and loving thing to do. I hope that our great state of Nevada will support such much-needed legislation.

Catherine Neely

Carson City

Gratitude shown to woman who delivered lost wallet

I just wanted people to know there are very kind people in Carson City.

A few days ago a very nice lady came to my door to return my husband’s wallet that he had dropped in the parking lot at Save Mart. She didn’t want to turn it in to Save Mart but took the time to drive across town to return it to us.

My husband wasn’t home yet and didn’t know he had lost it. I can’t thank this lovely lady enough for being the person that she is. I hope she sees my heartfelt thank you!

Dorrine Sadilek

Carson City


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