The business name of the year: Battle Born

Battle Born Social owner/chef David Stern takes a break outside his establishment on 318 N. Carson Street.

Battle Born Social owner/chef David Stern takes a break outside his establishment on 318 N. Carson Street.

What’s in a name? Seemingly everything.

Suddenly, like the name Liam or Emma — thus far the top baby names of 2017— the name Battle Born is the favored name for new businesses recently opened in Carson City: Battle Born Social, Battle Born Ammunition & Firearms, Battle Born Business Center, Battle Born Harley-Davidson, to name a few.

Battle Born, as Nevadan’s know, is the proud motto of the state. Probably no other city in this state keeps this slogan as alive as does Carson City. Some businesses say opening a business — any business — can be a similar experience to being battle born.

Battle Born Ammunition & Firearms is operated by three partners, one a woman, starting as an ammunition manufacturer in Mound House and now serving the greater Carson City area at 1801 E. William St. They are proud of their nationwide online presence and have worked hard to build a strong partnership. Partner, Kristy Scott, writes, “Our company was founded in Nevada, it is our home and we are Nevada Proud. Battle Born seemed like a no brainer.” The three partners, Rudy Hindelang and Kristy and Jim Scott all have first responder experience.

Battle Born Business Center, 1000 N. Division St, officially opened on May 18th incorporating four related businesses under one roof in a newly remodeled building reflecting today’s Carson City. Sharing the building are NAI Alliance, RCM Realty Group, Handelin Law and the Nevada Builder’s Alliance.

When asked why the name Battle Born was chosen, Andi Wilson, NAI Alliance partner, writes: “It was a vote of the partners. We wanted something that captures “Carson City, Nevada”, and right now, this is certainly the catch phrase! We also like that it means “born from battle”, or from hardship. This building certainly had fallen on hard times when we stumbled upon it, and all of the partners were emerging from the recession successfully, so it felt like a perfect fit. It’s also perfect because Battle Born is a collective term, meaning we all came together, worked together, to win as a group. “

Tim Hohl, co-owner of Battle Born Harley-Davidson, chose to add Battle Born to his corporate name because, “Being a fifth generation Nevadan, the motto Battle Born has been with Matthew and I our whole lives and when deciding on a new name for the dealership, we wanted something that conveyed the rich history of the American motorcycle brand with our proud Nevada heritage. Battle Born Harley-Davidson completely fit both of those needs.”

Chef David Stern, owner of Battle Born Social at 318 N. Carson St. in the center of the city, used the term in his business name because, “The people here are so proud to be Nevadans, this is the state capital and I wanted to make certain the name represented the area in general.” He added the word “social” to reflect his personal philosophy that those who enter his establishment to dine and drink should enjoy each other, the food and drink without interference from today’s technology, thus being social to each other and within their surroundings.

Though Carson’s newest restaurant, The Union, does not use Battle Born in the business name, the name does go along with the overall Battle Born theme since Nevada became part of the union to align with President Abraham Lincoln to defeat slavery. Manager Nick Meyer added, “the name also reflects the union of partners to bring this restaurant to Carson City.”


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