Audio books for calming your dog

Who could ever imagine that many of the books you read in your book club are best sellers with the canine crowd? Recently, it was announced that Audible, an Amazon-owned company, would be offering a new service targeted at dogs called “Audible for Dogs.”

The company is teaming up with the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, to offer a service that claims to calm your dog’s anxiety. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which can cause unwanted behaviors. Some dogs bark incessantly, pee on the furniture, destroy household items or end up depressed.

The premise of this product is that dogs are social animals and they need to engage with someone. “Audible for Dogs” plays audio books that offer consistency of tone. Consistency allows your dog to stay in a relaxed state of mind and gives dogs the sense of having someone around.

The research done at Hartpury College in the United Kingdom suggests that consistent audio input reduces stress in dogs. A follow-up study through Milan’s Dog Psychology Center reported that 76 percent of dog owners who played audio books for their dogs reported an increase in calm and well-being.

Milan suggests listening with your dog and choosing titles that promote calm, relaxed behavior. Of course, the first line of defense with anxious dogs is exercise. Walking and playing with your dog can provide bonding and tire him out.

So, if you are a wit’s end about your dog’s behavior, you can subscribe to Audible for $14.95 a month. There are many selections you can choose from, and you can also catch up on your reading. Who knows, maybe your pup will become a scholar.


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