Divorces for October

The Tenth Judicial District Court issued the following divorces in October 2017:

Bekiares, Aaron Jackson and Bekiares, Kristy Elise

Allen-Davis, Stacie Lynn and Davis, Samuel Earl

Bailey, Latonya Nicole and Bailey, Antonio D.

Blakeney, Kaiya-Lin Julisa and Masunzu, Cyprian Kulwa

Cabansag, Erlene Nanca and Cabansag, Nestor Molina

Cerda, Leonel S. and Cerda, Luz M.

Clark, David Joseph and Clark, Tisa Alana

Colin, Armando Montano and O’Leary, Dean Thomas

Del Rosario, Jose Avila and Del Rosario, Lilibeth Gonzales

Dent, Shelton and Webber, Shannon

Derringer, Lyle Ricky and Derringer, Deovon Eleanor

Edge, Adrian Luke and Edge, Jennifer Mei-Wai

Evans, Jordan Leigh and O’Hara, Eric James

Fausey, Samantha and Fausey, William Martin

Garza, Kent Alan and Garza, Vonessa Elizabeth

Gates, Kelly Dee and Gates, James Howard

Gillmann, Francois Andre and Gillmann, Angela Marie

Greenfield, Jesse and Nget, Sophat

Harazin, Bonnie Kimberly and Harazin, Jeffrey Steve

Harman, Sierra and Harman, Justin

Henderson, Kenneth A. and Henderson, Elim M.

Herrera, Paul Joseph and Herrera, Angela De Bello

James, Shirlean Dornell and James, Larry Jamar

Klaerner, Philip S. Jr. and Klaerner, Melanie S.

Leyva, Alberto L. and Martin, Karla Jones

Liano, Torri Lynne and Liano, Jose Luis

Lytle, Richard Alexander and Lytle, Stacey Barbara

Mason, Ashley R. and Harkins, Brian Jacob

McDonald, Carabeth and McDonald, Kimberly Marie

Merritt, Jamila and Dixon, John A.

Nicks, Jessica and Nicks, Samuel

Norris, Hannah Elisabeth and Norris, Meikel Aron

Orman, Michael P. and Orman, Ivis Linette

Parkerson, David Allen and Parkerson, Tammy Rena

Propeck, Elizabeth Margaret and Propeck, John Thomas

Richardson, Shamelia Deneise and Roach, Twone Cornell

Robinson, Brenda Lee and Kisia, Alex J.

Roe, Mark David and Roe, Amy Colleen

Rose, Korine Michele and Rose, Richard Louis

Santos, Michael and Santos, Sylvia

Singh, Davinder and Rani, Sonam

Stephenson, Elizabeth Ann and Stephenson, Torrey Jason

Syvertson, Ronald Scott and Syvertson, Dolly Ann

Tovey, Phillip James and Williams, Callie Christine

Viregan, Jacob Aurel and Viregan, Emanuela Oana

Worsnop, Stephanie Diane and Worsnop, Jeffrey Sean

Zaval, Todd C. and Zaval, Kathleen K.


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