Fernley man faces 12 years for assault of officer

A Fernley man could face up to 12 years in prison after being convicted for eluding and assault on a peace officer.

Jeremy Random, 39, was convicted Jan. 30 for eluding a peace officer, assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon. Each count carries a sentence of 28 to 72 months in prison, with the first two counts running consecutively.

Random was arrested Aug. 9, 2016 after leading Lyon County officers on a high speed chase in Fernley, where he drove the wrong way down I-80 with his vehicle lights off. Deputies attempted to stop Random by ramming him with their patrol vehicle but were unsuccessful. They were able to stop Random at a truck stop in Fernley, however once stopped, Random ignored officer commands and grabbed a shotgun from within his vehicle.

Random started his vehicle and attempted to ram one of the officers. Officers shot at Random as he attempted to hit them. Random was transported to Renown for medical treatment before being booked into the Lyon County Jail.

No one was severely injured in the incident.

Random pleaded guilty Dec. 19, telling the court he was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time. He requested probation, but was denied, said Lyon County District Attorney Stephen Rye.

“It is fortunate no one else was seriously injured or killed in this case,” Rye said. “Mr. Random showed a total disregard for the public and the officers involved in this case.“We are pleased with the lengthy prison sentence handed down by the court in this case. This will keep Mr. Random off the streets thereby protecting the public, and will also allow Mr. Random time to get the help he needs to deal with his substance abuse and other issues.”

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and Nevada Highway Patrol investigated the incident. Damian Sinnott prosecuted the case for Lyon County.


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