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Bonnie and Chuck Matton

Bonnie and Chuck Matton

Fortunately, he passed the compatibility test

Chuck and I met and worked together in Reno for the gold mining industry between the mid-‘80s. Everyone admired him as he is an extremely nice person and willing to help anyone.

In 1995, the mining company was bought out. I went to California for a few months, but returned to Nevada and settled in Dayton. Chuck’s wife, unfortunately, died a few years after they moved.

About a year and a half passed. One day, my phone rang: it was Chuck saying he was going to be in the Reno area and wanted to take me to dinner. We had a wonderful time. After he returned home, we called each other at least twice daily — our phone bill was over $500 as we dated over the phone.

A few months later, he asked to come down to see me for a few days. I agreed immediately. We pretty much realized we were already in love. He didn’t know, though, that this three-day date was going to be a test.

We went to Virginia City to visit a museum because I wanted to make sure he liked going to them. He passed that first test with flying colors.

The next test was reading. I love to read and wanted to make sure he did, too. No problem, he loves to read.

On our way back down to Dayton, we saw a rock outcropping that looked to have some crystals in it. Sure enough, we found some beautiful specimens. One of the rocks I picked up had an indention in it surrounded by tiny crystals. He handed me his magnifying glass. When I looked through it, the small hole became a much larger one. I said to him excitedly, “I feel like a little girl in a wonderland cave.”

He said, “You’re a cheap date, want to marry me?” We laughed and I immediately said, “Yes.”

I was married before for 25 years and divorced for 12. I wasn’t going to remarry unless I was 100 percent sure. Well, with Chuck, I was 200 percent sure! We have been married for 10 years and are extremely happy.

P.S. I tell people I married him because he can fix anything. He tells people he married me to get back to the desert!

Bonnie Matton


A case of a lost wedding band

About two years ago my husband of 60 years and I took a lengthy road trip to San Antonio, Texas. After we were home for a few days he noticed that his wedding ring was missing.

Naturally we didn’t know where to begin in our search since we had been to a multitude of places. We began the task at hand by searching through every pocket of every piece of clothing that accompanied us on our trip, and then through every square inch of the luggage and car. There was no ring to be found. He felt so bad about it because he had known the ring was too big and he could have had it sized but kept putting it off like we do at times.

In an attempt to cheer him up I told him that I would buy him another one. He responded that another one just wouldn’t be the same.

Approximately 18 months later I went to the garage to get a soft drink and as I was searching through the shelves on the inside of the door, I felt something under my fingers where I had just removed the drink.

I looked and there it was; a golden wedding band shining up at me. I was astounded and needless to say, excited.

My mind busied itself with various ways to surprise him with his ring ... taking him to dinner and presenting it to him dramatically, or wrapping it like a gift.

It would have been impossible for me to have waited that long. I ran into the house like I was on fire, almost slamming my hand in the door and said, “I have something for you.” I held out my hand.

His face lit up like a kid that had just received his first bicycle. We both knew that a hundred new wedding bands could not have replaced his ring. That special once-in-a-lifetime moment when the ring was placed on his finger is priceless.

Judie Hartwick


The pretty girl from work

When I met my wife we were both working at a local retail store. At the time we were both in relationships with other people but I always thought she was beautiful. I would go out of my way to talk to her anytime we worked the same shifts. Oddly we both got out of our old relationships at the same time. I am a pretty shy person by nature but I worked up the nerve to ask her out finally. We hit it off from the very beginning, fell in love, and have been inseparable ever since. I proposed the night before her birthday nearly a year later and was lucky enough for her to say yes. We got married in front of our friends and family last June overlooking Lake Tahoe. I feel so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with the pretty girl from work.

 Brad Bancroft



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