Talk of the Town: Business offers engraving expertise and more

Engraving is their business

And printing they do well.

Come to 104 Corbett St.

It’s “Ponderosa Stamp and Engraving”

That is where they dwell.

It’s a long established business.

Since 1965

Joe Briggs is the owner.

Won’t you step inside?

They are into new technology

Etching it’s in the past.

Now it will be lasers and printers

With heat and CO2 gas.

What this means for us

In simple terms, you and me —

They can write now on anything

From a toothbrush to a key.

Everything becomes personalized

And recognition means so much.

Whatever it is, engraved or etched,

It becomes the perfect touch.

From glass to wood

From leather to silver

Yes, stamps and business cards,

Whatever you want

In almost every way.

They can easily do it

And it won’t be terribly hard.

Now, let me share

From a personal point of view.

I can have my poetry etched

Upon my paintings

In perfect symmetry for you.

They have more than 60 years experience

Among the five membered team.

They can engrave and stamp most anything

Well, so it seems?

Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center. She welcomes poem ideas at Ponderosa Stamp & Engraving is at 104 Corbett St., Suite A. It can be reached at 775-882-5975.


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