Ooh baby, it’s a wild NFL world

The wild and whacky happenings in the NFL have caught my attention.

Let’s start first with the saga of the San Diego Chargers, whose bond issue for a new stadium failed in a recent vote. In essence the voters forced the Chargers’ hands, saying either leave or stay put and play in the old stadium.

Once the stadium issue failed, the Chargers really had no other issue but take the NFL’s offer of sharing the new soon-to-be-built LA stadium with the Rams. Now, the Chargers have decided to play the next two seasons in Stub Hub Stadium with seats for 27,000.

In one respect, San Diego owner Dean Spanos’ decision makes sense. You know there’s no way Chargers fans are going to support a lame duck team in San Diego. The team has been spiraling downward, and there were probably more Oakland fans in the stadium than Chargers fans during the season finale.

Why not share the LA Coliseum with the Rams? The only reason I can surmise is it might be tough on the schedule makers, especially since USC still plays there, too.

I think part of Spanos’ problems and it goes for other NFL owners, is he wanted the city to foot the bulk of the bill. Spanos has so much money it’s not funny. Did he ever offer to go 50-50? Maybe his plan would have had a better chance to pass. He has to pay a $650 million relocation fee to other owners. Maybe he should have put that toward a new stadium.

I doubt LA will welcome the Chargers with open arms, and I doubt diehard Chargers fans will make a beeline to LA for games. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it. Will LA fans like two losing teams in their city?


I think the Raiders’ proposed move to Las Vegas would work better than San Diego’s move because Oakland already has a fan base in Southern California, and playing in Las Vegas would mean less travel than going to Oakland.

Also, the Raiders are putting up $300 million, and a casino owner is putting up a lot of money, too.

Speaking of the Raiders, I was surprised head coach Jack Del Rio fired OC Bill Musgrave. It marked the second time Del Rio has given Musgrave the boot. Del Rio canned Musgrave when the duo worked together in Jacksonville.

Del Rio was critical of Musgrave during the season. Isn’t Del Rio the head coach? Shouldn’t game plans have to go through him? Let’s face it, the Raiders’ season was over once Derek Carr broke his leg. It was no surprise to anybody Oakland lost to Houston in the opening round of the playoffs.


Locally, I’m still trying to get over the shock of Ernie Howren leaving Reed for Bishop Manogue. Howren guided the Raiders to several titles, and he certainly had Carson’s number in the post-season.

When I originally saw the story, I thought Howren was going to teach at Manogue, but that isn’t the case. He’s going to still teach in the Washoe district, but I’m sure he won’t be at Reed anymore. That would be a little awkward.

Manogue had a nice, young team last year, and it may still be a year away from challenging for a Sierra League crown.


I thought it was rather amusing Damonte Ranch had Wednesday’s wrestling match postponed because of travel issues.

I remember a couple of years ago when Damonte failed to move a match so Carson could have its full team.

Damonte, according to Carson officials, made every excuse in the book to not change the date, and the Mustangs snapped Carson’s stranglehood on the Sierra League championship.

Galena made it through Washoe Tuesday for its basketball game against Carson, and I don’t think the weather was any worse Wednesday than it was Tuesday, at least in my opinion.


The state basketball playoffs have a new home, at least for this year.

Besides using local high schools, the NIAA has secured Jenny Craig Pavilion on the UNLV campus for its tournament.

Not sure if the Orleans was available or not. The UNLV site seats around 5,000, and that’s more than enough for a high school basketball tournament in this state.

high school basketball.


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