Library celebrates 50th birthday at present location

“Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.” Claudia Alta Johnson.

Churchill County Library celebrates its 50th anniversary at its current location this year.

The county’s rich library history stretches back to 1905 when Fallon’s first lending library operated out of the old post office. It moved to various locations including both the Wightman Building and the Woodliff Building before a permanent site was selected and a new library was dedicated at the current location in April 1967.

Much has changed in the 112 years of library service in Churchill County. Computers and the Internet were unimaginable to most people 50 years ago and complete science fiction 100 years ago. Email has replaced letter writing for the most part and cursive handwriting is on its way to becoming an art form, replaced with texting, word processing, and electronic signatures. Books can be downloaded to personal devices which have changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Does anyone remember Rocket books? The early version of the iPad and Kindle? This library is able to serve a patron through electronic download of books who lives off the grid in Middlegate. We don’t see him often but he emails requests periodically. No longer do households have one phone number rather phone numbers are identifiers for individual persons and the phone can perform multiple tasks. Churchill County Communications provides the library and its users gigabit broadband. Remember dial up? Gigabit broadband is much much faster. Facebook allows followers to see what’s happening at the library quickly and often. Changes are coming so rapidly in information delivery it is often difficult to keep up. The challenges are many, the ride is wild and it’s all fun.

And much has not changed. Books can still be checked out, newspapers read and friends can meet to discuss the events of the day. Story Time still provides early literacy skills in an entertaining way. The Summer Reading Program serves hundreds and puts the brakes on the “summer slide”. Author events are plentiful and programming is robust. Most importantly staff remains dedicated to providing quality service to everyone regardless of economic, political, or social status. We can guide you through figuring out your new Kindle, recommend a book, or direct you to the latest film. If the library doesn’t have what you want we can usually get it for you.

Plan to join us celebrate the library March 11 at noon. We look forward to serving you for another 112 years!

Library Location

The Library is located at 553 S. Maine St. and

Carol Lloyd is the director of the Churchill County Library. She is available at the library or by email at


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