The deck is stacked

By the time you read this, Donald Trump has been or will soon be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. I assume there will be no major security issues with the inauguration but have no way of knowing that since this is written in advance. Whatever happens today, Trump will be President.

Despite that, he has extensive forces working against him. There has never been more evidence that liberals are hypocrites. They spout fairness, but only when they get their way. They say Trump is a hater, but what do their own actions show? Are they the ultimate hypocrites?

President Obama promised a smooth transition, which is traditional. His actions say otherwise. He is filling nearly 100 federal government vacancies, most to place former White House staffers in key civil service positions where they will be able to undermine Trump. His recent anti-Israel action at the U.N. is another example. Likewise, his recent action to deny Cuban refugees U.S. residency once they touch American soil. This one is ironic since he has been so pro-immigration without regard to the law.

Others are the recent announcement of the Justice Department probe of FBI Director Comey’s email announcements about Clinton and the leaked “Russian dossier.” These are more deniable at his level, but do you really believe he didn’t have a hand in them?

Presidential transitions are traditionally apolitical and nonpartisan. It is sad that Obama has chosen to give America one last sour grapes helping of “change.” But after some thought, I really don’t believe anything else could be expected from a clueless narcissist. Just my opinion. I could write an entire column on his failed policies, but that has already been done. I am not going to waste the space. He’s gone.

Trump has resistance from Congress also. John McCain has finally shown his true liberal colors, leading the charge to undermine Trump. He “helpfully” provided the Russian dossier to the FBI, and possibly leaked it to Buzzfeed.. He has opposed Trump cabinet nominees. This was a former Republican Presidential candidate? Maybe he is just jealous.

Democrats are predictably in full anti-Trump mode. Representative John Lewis is chose not to attend the inauguration. Big deal. It is his choice. California Representative Maxine Waters on January 17 called for an impeachment investigation on Trump. Maxine, he hadn’t been sworn in yet.

None of this would be an issue if it weren’t for the national media. They are doing their best to keep the illegitimate presidency narrative alive. They regularly try to implement the tactics that have worked to bring down other politicians, but can’t seem to make anything work.

Trump is not lying low like the typical politician. He refused to take a question from a CNN reporter because CNN basically promoted the Russian dossier that Buzzfeed published. A recent suggestion, not anything that has been implemented, from the Trump staff was to move the White House press room to a larger venue. The current press room has 49 seats, which makes it a very exclusive group that is allowed to attend press conferences. The Trump group suggested a location that would seat about 200, which would open accessibility to other media. Of course, the elite media types had a fit. They would lose their status. This is just an example of how they have trouble controlling Trump.

The biggest problem all of these people have is that they are totally misreading the American public. Most are tired of politics as usual and are ready for change. Media, your usual tricks and manipulations won’t work. Further, you have lost what little credibility you had.

After Trump’s election, the stock market boomed. Ironically, Wall Street spent millions on Hillary. Several companies have announced U.S. expansion plans or canceled or scaled back foreign operations. Hiring has increased. It is apparent there is optimism that taxes will be lowered and government will get off the backs of business.

Trump hasn’t even taken office and he has been condemned. I think this is because liberals and elected Democrats suspect deep down, or maybe even know, their policies won’t work and Americans are seeing that. They are afraid Trump will bring that into the light, so they stack the deck against him.

Trump may succeed or he may fail. Either way, he at least deserves a chance for a hand from a straight deck. He will have enough challenges undoing eight years of Obama.

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