Letters to the editor for Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017

Flooding causes issues with Cayuse Dip in Ruhenstroth

The county is doing a fine job of cleanup since our last big spate of precipitation. We saw water in the Cayuse Dip, which of course left a few inches of mud. Several days later that mud was cleared off, thanks a lot.

However, the mud was just pushed off the pavement, into a berm several inches high, on the outflow side. This has created a perfect dam to reduce flow downstream and cause more water and its load of dirt to do a better job of flooding the pavement next time.

No doubt a result of instructions to do a quick job of clearing the pavement only, without concern for the next flow that is certain to come. Two or three minutes more of allowing a gap in that new line of dirt blocking flow would certainly reduce our problem from the next flow that is coming.

Only one day after this was written we already have several inches that cannot drain.

Pete Harding



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