Students can pay class fees with Nevada Promise Scholarship

Many students never make it to college because they can’t afford it.

Western Nevada College is delighted to announce it will participate in the state’s new Nevada Promise Scholarship program, so young Nevadans can attend WNC starting with the fall 2018 semester, free of class fees.

Nevada Promise is a scholarship and mentoring program for Nevada high school graduates under 20 years of age. Through the Nevada Promise Scholarship, the state intends to pay the cost of attending classes at Nevada community colleges that’s not otherwise funded by federal aid, the Millennium Scholarship or the Silver State Opportunity Grant.

“The Nevada Promise Scholarship clears the most common barriers to higher education for Nevada’s recent high school graduates. It provides easy, flexible access to transfer degrees as well as career and technical programs for up to three years. Students pursuing a degree are funded to take 12 to 15 credits whether they attend in person at a WNC campus or online. It is clear evidence of the New Nevada’s commitment to providing access to higher education and high level training for the future leaders in our state,” said Scott Morrison, WNC’s Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The scholarship stands to save Nevada families more than $3000 per year. Students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s can use the scholarship to complete their first two years at WNC before transferring to a university. They may also earn an associate degree and industry credentials in a variety of career and technical programs. If necessary, students may use the scholarship for remedial coursework, and students have the ability to renew their scholarship twice after the first year.

In addition to covered class fees, Nevada Promise students will be assigned a WNC mentor who will assist them with the scholarship requirements, as well as the admissions and financial aid processes. Completion of 20 hours of community service by April 30, 2018 is one of the scholarship’s requirements.

WNC’s Nevada Promise application opens June 26, 2017 for the fall 2018 launch. Students must apply for the scholarship no later than Oct. 31, 2017. Students who are planning to attend WNC in 2018 are encouraged to apply for the scholarship early, as funding for Nevada Promise will be issued from the state on a first come, first serve basis.

For information about Nevada Promise at WNC, visit, or contact the counseling office at 445-3267.

Nevada Promise Scholarship Requirements

Must be younger than 20 years old and not previously have been awarded an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Must be a resident of the state.

Must have a high school diploma awarded by a public or private high school from Nevada or a public high school located in a county that borders this state that accepts pupils who are residents of this state, or a general equivalency diploma or equivalent document.

Must not be in default of any federal student loan and not owe a refund to any federal program providing aid to students.

Submit the WNC Nevada Promise application by Oct. 31, 2017.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2018-19 by March 30, 2018. (FAFSA for 2018-19 goes live on Oct. 1, 2017).

Perform 20 hours of community service by April 30, 2018.

There are additional requirements for orientations, mentorship, class load and college GPA, of which WNC will guide applicants.


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