The Popcorn Stand: ‘Rhymes with Orange’ joins comics

Regular readers of the Nevada Appeal’s comics said goodbye to Rina Piccolo’s “Tina’s Groove” on Saturday. Piccolo is retiring the Tina’s Groove strip after 15 years.

While we enjoyed the look inside Pepper’s restaurant that Tina provided us, we are excited to introduce “Rhymes with Orange” in Wednesday’s paper. Rhymes is created by Hilary B. Price, but Price is adding Piccolo to the creation lineup.

Price’s cartoon is witty, taking on today’s world one random thought at a time. The name from the cartoon shows the wit, as there is believed to be no words that rhyme with orange.

Price is actually in her 22nd year of producing “Rhymes with Orange.” When it debuted, Price was the youngest woman to have a regular strip. Her website says, “she draws the strip in an old toothbrush factory that has since been converted to studio space for artists. She lives in western Massachusetts with her overly large dog and hoodlum cat.”

We hope you enjoy Rhymes.

— Adam Trumble


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