Carson City deputies honored, sworn in; Guimont retires

Deputy James Foster and Deputy Maxwell Macedo stand to take their oath of office as they are sworn into the Carson City Sheriff's Office Friday.

Deputy James Foster and Deputy Maxwell Macedo stand to take their oath of office as they are sworn into the Carson City Sheriff's Office Friday.

Multiple deputies were honored Friday at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office for their efforts on duty.

Deputy Brett Bindley and Sgt. Daniel Gonzales were given the Lifesaving Award for their actions taken in March that saved an elderly woman’s life. On March 17, around 4:10 p.m. Bindley and Gonzales were called on scene of an accident where an elderly woman was hit in a parking lot by a pickup truck. The truck ran over her legs and sped off. The two were the first responders on scene where the woman was bleeding profusely from her legs. The men applied a tourniquet to one leg and dressed a wound on the other ankle where bone could be seen.

Paramedics on scene said their actions helped them more efficiently and quickly treat the patient and get her to the hospital.

“I am grateful I was able to be on duty that day and able to help that woman,” Bindley said. “I am also grateful that my agency provided me with the training and equipment which gave me the ability to help that person.”

The department also honored Deputy Bob Guimont, who retired Friday after 25 years with the Sheriff’s Office.

“Bob’s retirement is personal to me, we have become friends, coworkers, neighbors, and our dogs hate each other,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong, laughing. “So it is emotional to see him retire and go on to bigger and better things.”

Dozens of Guimont’s coworkers came out to support their fellow deputy and he was greeted with hugs, handshakes and slaps on the back as he walked across the room to collect his retirement plaque. As his final act, Guimont made sure to address the two new deputies who were getting sworn in that day.

“With all of the B.S. that takes place, it is like a family here,” Guimont said. “And sometimes families fight ... but you guys are stepping into a family and I can tell you there are some pretty bad ass guys in this room.”

He explained how even though there may be fights within the department, at the end of the day, their fellow officers would be the ones to have their backs when things get rough.

“All of these guys in here have protected me in some way, whether it was from a bad guy or from myself,” Guimont said. “When you take the oath it means you protect these guys here and the citizens and it is not meant to be taken lightly.”

And with that, the Sheriff’s Office welcomed its two new deputies: James Foster and Maxwell Macedo.

“While sad, losing someone opens an opportunity for others,” Furlong said.

After taking their oath, Foster was pinned by his brother and Macedo was pinned by his wife.

“No backing out, no second thoughts now,” Furlong joked.


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