Letters to the editor for Saturday, July 8, 2017

Voter fraud inquiry a ridiculous government ruse

What’s broken about the voter registration process that Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske feels compelled to comply with the president’s foolish request to send him our registration data?

Good for Rep. Dina Titus for requesting Cegavske ignore the Trump request.

Why does he want this information? Do most Nevada residents want their personal information spread all over the nation?

If you think you get too much junk mail now — wait! Isn’t this a “Big Brother” scheme for Trump to gain control over voters? What will this new federal commission cost taxpayers? Where’s the proof it’s necessary?

This just looks like more big government to me. I thought the Republican Party believed in states’ rights — this looks to me like another Trump takeover of more control. Why? Are we headed for more regulations? Are the feds intervening in state decisions? Or is this another Trump diversion? Maybe he wants to send this information to his friend Putin.

Wendell Newman

Carson City


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