The Popcorn Stand: Flying-driving robots would be cool

I remember watching The Jetsons as a kid and according to that cartoon we were all supposed to be getting around in flying cars by now.

There have been theories on why we don’t have flying cars. One is the internet actually took the place of flying cars as we were more interested in information flying all over the place as opposed to ourselves.

And there are those who say drones are sort of like the flying cars that were imagined decades ago.

But now it looks like scientists are working on devices that are sort of like flying cars: Robots that can drive and also fly. While the technology is still in its infancy, it sounds like a pretty cool idea to me. Maybe I think it’s a pretty cool idea just because I think robots are pretty cool.

Those of you who read this Popcorn Stand know I liked the show Battle Bots that was on about 15 years ago and I recently shared about what could be the coolest thing ever, Sumo wrestling miniature battle bots, which could actually mean the end of civilization isn’t upon us — yet. Even the cartoon Inspector Gadget would get me excited. Go, go Gadget!

Anyway these flying-driving robots obviously have a more practical purpose as they could fly over places that didn’t have roads or drive under or through tight places where it would otherwise be impossible to fly or drive. They could be used to deliver my pizza or doing much more important things like spotting wildfires or other disasters before they really get going.

Right now scientists are still trying to work out the kinks in these flying-driving robots. The ones that are good at flying, not so much at driving. And the ones that are good at driving, not so much at flying.

But the possibilities are endless. So I say Go, go Gadget!

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— Charles Whisnand


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