SBDC money management course offered for you and your business

If you are looking to start a business, completing a training focused towards money management might be the right first step for you! Business owners who are literate in personal finances have a much higher chance to being successful in owning a profitable business. Financial literacy and basic business planning skills are a powerful combination to successful entrepreneurs!

Nevada is ranked 47th in financial literacy. Who taught you how to manage your money? Was it your parents, teachers, mentors, or even none of the above? You may be part of this statistic. This course will help those who still might be struggling with basic budgeting, saving, and managing personal income.

The Nevada Small Business Development Center (Nevada SBDC) has been committed to helping new business owners as well as entrepreneurs throughout the State for 31 years, creating a huge economic impact in our state. Providing training that helps Nevadans improve their personal money management makes sense as a pre-requisite to business planning. This will further help business owners transfer their newfound financial abilities into their business operations.

This nine-week course titled Manage Your Money for You and Your Business is designed for those who are 16 years or older and who are serious about starting up a new business as well as current business owners. The first six weeks of the course will include topics that are crucial in money management such as basic borrowing skills, credit reporting, tax planning, financial recovery, and more.

The last three weeks in this course will address basic business planning, utilizing the GUIDED Business PlanTM workbook that will provide simple steps to writing your business plan. This plan will focus on necessary sections including marketing strategy, financials and product/service pricing.

This course is intended for those who will be committed to completing the entirety of the nine-week training. Students will need to attend five of the first six weeks in order to qualify for the GUIDED Business PlanTM instruction that will take place in weeks 7, 8, and 9. Seating is limited and registration is required.

Further information and details on each week’s training can be found at and questions can be directed locally to Sara Champneys at Churchill Economic Development Authority, who is a Nevada SBDC business adviser and the course instructor, by either email or by phone 775-423-8587.


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