The Union Carson City joins Taste of Downtown

For The Union, one of Carson City’s newest eateries, joining the Taste of Downtown was a great way to become incorporated in the community.

The restaurant will only have been open for about two months before the event, but is eager to show off their eats and craft beers for a good cause.

“It is a good cause. We love these kinds of events, we are all about it,” said General Manager Nick Meyer.

“We want to be able to help (the advocates) and give back. There are so many places around here trying to make Carson City better and better each day and we are happy to be a part of that.”

In June, Reno-based chefs Mark Estees and Mark Trujillo brought their vision to Carson to open a new taphouse and coffee shop. The Union specializes in pizzas, pastas and craft beers for now, and will soon add a coffee house element to the restaurant.

“We get more excited every day, we saw great things in this community and people like Glen Eagles and Adele’s working hard for years to keep the food scene alive, so it is always exciting to be a part of a community that is open to that,” Meyer said.

As of now, the restaurant has been the only part to open, but in the coming months, they will open an on-site brewery, a private dining area, back patio and coffee lounge.

“Everything has been great. The community has been welcoming to us,” Meyer said. “We are taking all the feedback we get to heart because we want to get better, but 90 percent of the feedback has been positive which is good.”

One of the elements The Union prides itself on is the local ingredients, staff and beers they utilize. Everything they serve was made or grown in Northern Nevada or within 100 miles of Carson City.

“Local is better and it is always good,” Meyer said. “So we source as many fresh, local and seasonal as possible. We even hire local staff, contractors, third party repairmen, everything. It doesn’t do us any good to do business somewhere else.”

And they will be bringing their local flair to the Taste of Downtown.

“It is good for us on the business side (to be a part of it) but we don’t look at it that way,” Meyer said. “We want to do our part to make the event more fun and help make it successful.”

The Union will run three different booths at the Taste: a food stop, a coffee stop and an outdoor bar for brew, all to display the variety they serve their customers.

“We think a coffee or a cold beverage would be best,” Meyer said. “We want to appeal to the crowd but keep to something on our menu.”

By joining one of the biggest community events, it allows The Union to mingle and show Carson what they have to bring to the city.

“It is good to come and be a part of a community,” Meyer said.

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