15 reasons why people love Carson City

Hundreds of people attended the preliminary grand opening and fun run/bike/walk on the new section of I-580 in Carson City July 22.

Hundreds of people attended the preliminary grand opening and fun run/bike/walk on the new section of I-580 in Carson City July 22.

In Carson City, community pride is powerful. Whether it's longtime residents or the newly welcomed, the love for Nevada's capital has been demonstrated in 11 reasons why people moved to Carson City. The question, "What do you love about Carson City?", is a part of Nevada Appeal's Instagram campaign for locals to familiarize with the faces, neighbors, friends, and families of the community. But what specifically drives people to Carson City? Based off of responses from our Facebook page and Instagram @nevadaappeal, locals can't get enough of the quality of people and the environment. 1. I work for a local doctor. I love that I can see my patients in Smiths or at local stores and restaurants! I have previously lived in big cities and would never see anyone I know anywhere! I love that I can look out my office window and see deer! Yesterday we had a fawn with her two babies! I love this little Norman Rockwell town The people are so friendly and our city is beautiful! - Kirstin Eash-Warren 2.I had come to the Tahoe area from Houston for vacation every year. I love the fact that I look out my 2nd story window and see C Hill and Slide Mountain. I love that I am so close to so many trails. I love the sense of community and the ability to get from one end of town in less than two hours as opposed to a big city. The thing I love the most is my dear, sweet friends in my hiking group that I met through Donna Inversin and Muscle Powered. - Anna Watkins 3.Born and raised, love the "small town" feel, being surrounded by the mountains, cant beat having Tahoe as our backyard! - Rachel Cox 4. I love the size of our city. I love that we rarely get the same crime problems that Reno has. I love the way everyone pulled together to honor deputy Howell. - Mike Morrison 5. Born and raised. I love our open spaces, wildlife in town and our schools. - Stacie Wilke 6. I moved to Carson from England. The climate is wonderful, the skies beautiful, the people are friendly, and Tahoe is just up the hill. - Anthony W. Edwards 7. Just moved from So Cal, love the small town feel with lots of amenities. - David Francel 8. Born and raised 4th generation! I love this weather. - Patrick Cobb 9. Came here to be with our grandchildren and fell in love with clean, pretty Carson. - Mary Groom Hall 10. I love the beauty of Carson City. You can go 20 miles in either direction and go camping on a pristine lake or go out in the desert where there's beauty too. - Dell Martin 11. When my wife and I moved to Carson City, it felt like we died and went to heaven. It's beautiful here and we love the community. - Robert Ash 12. I love how the community comes together, especially when it comes to helping others in need. That's why I'm working for the blood bank. - Mai Nguyen 13. I love the people here. I've made so many friends throughout the years. - Geraet Rauh 14. I like small towns. Everyone knows each other. The overall location offers explorations, especially since we're close to Lake Tahoe. - Jillyan Jacobson 15. We have the greatest views of mountains; you can't find it anywhere else. And it's so friendly here, it's definitely a community. - Megan Sando


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