Letters to the editor for Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Appeal is ‘worthless’ only covers local news

I picked up the Appeal newspaper on July 11, and I went through and about the only news that was in there was local news and very little national news.

Whatever is happening nationally is what we get off of the TV news and most of it is broadcast as an opinion of a producer or it is fake and a lie.

The big thing on July 11 was the emails Trump Jr. disclosed about a meeting with a Russian attorney last year in June. The article indicated he was looking for dirt on Clinton and her campaign. The attorney didn’t have anything, so he left the meeting.

You published an article written by the Associated Press and it was 7 1/8 by 6 3/4 space wise, and not one word in there about the Democrats or the Clinton campaign meeting with Ukrainian government to get dirt on Trump. Why not?

The article was so left wing; it is no wonder why people consider your paper worthless and uninformative. Your paper had no news about health care bill, tax bill, immigration, low unemployment rate, environmental policies being tossed out, fighting with ISIS in Iraq and I could go on. Why don’t you people put out a newspaper that gives information in a non-opinionated format leaving left wing and right wing politics out of it?

Bill Pyatt



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