Fallon hosts national drag race

Racers take off down the track during a race at Top Gun Dragstrip.

Racers take off down the track during a race at Top Gun Dragstrip.

Top Gun Dragstrip, along with the National Hot Rod Association, held the Pacific Division National Open series last weekend.

In all, 185 racers from five western states competed against one another over the two days. Top speeds at the event exceeded 200 miles per hour with quarter mile times well into the 6-second range.

Over 50 Junior Dragsters also competed. Junior Dragsters are half-scale dragsters that children compete in from ages 6 to 17 years old. They are powered by a lawnmower engine capable of speeds up to 85 mph and clocking 1/8 mile times well into the 8-second range.

John Stauverman, race operations manager at Top Gun, said it was a fantastic day with “phenomenal weather.” He said the event was a big success and they have every intention to do it again next year.

Stauverman said the NHRA was also pleased with the event. He said the organization is always “tickled” with Top Gun Dragstrip’s management and how events there come together. This was the ninth year the West Coast Open was held in Fallon and they look forward to a tenth.

Top Gun Dragstrip would like to thank all the racers, family members and crew members along with the over 300 spectators for participating and watching the event. For more information about last weekend’s event, information on Top Gun Dragstrip and pictures visit Top Gun’s Facebook page and become a friend.

Due to the scheduling of the event, the race was not included as part of Octane Fest. Top Gun will still be involved in the motorsport festival, though, with cars appearing at tomorrow’s car show. Stauverman said Top Gun was happy with how things turned out and isn’t too upset about the scheduling conflict.

“We enjoyed being the prequel to Octane fest and hope it’s as big a success as our event,” he said. “We look forward to working with the people on Octane Fest and having a great weekend of bringing motorsports to Fallon and Churchill County.”

John Stauverman contributed to this article.


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