Conviction for kicking police dog is upheld

The Nevada Appellate Court has upheld the conviction of Jesus Gonzalez for mistreating a police dog that bit him during a foot pursuit.

Gonzales was charged in July 2015, convicted and sentenced to up to 40 months in prison. He appealed seeking a new trial.

Metro officers reported Gonzalez fled a department SWAT team that was trying to execute a search warrant. Officers, concerned he might be armed, sent the dog named Archie after him. Archie caught up with Gonzalez in a nearby shed and bit him to prevent his escape.

Officers arriving on the scene said Gonzalez repeatedly punched the dog and tried to choke the animal. Even after officers removed the dog, they testified Gonzalez kicked the animal.

According to the ruling, “a rational jury could have concluded that Gonzalez willfully and maliciously taunted, tormented, teased, beat or struck a police animal.”


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